Paranoid Girlfriend and Paranoid Boyfriend Text Exchange

If you ask most men if they understand women, the answer would probably a big loud NO. Women are just complicated sometimes… well, most of the time! I’m a woman and I don’t even understand myself sometimes! So when we saw this post on Facebook by Fatima de Leon, we knew we just had to share it.

Some of you might think it’s a little bit overly dramatic, but trust me… there ARE a lot of girls like this.

Fatima De Leon on Facebook: 


(PS: This isnt me. I just made this for fun.)”

Paranoid Gf (01)     Paranoid GF (02)



Paranoid GF (03)   Paranoid GF (04)

BUT… it doesn’t end there! Though I personally AGREE that girls are more complicated than boys, some boys on the other hand can be overly possessive.. Know anyone like this guy below?

Fatima De Leon on Facebook:


  Paranoid BF (01)     Paranoid BF (02)

Paranoid BF (03)

Thank you Fatima for sharing this! We sure got a good laugh at! W

What did you guys think of these? Know anyone like this?

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