Paper Towns Trailer – Another John Green Book Makes It to the Big Screen

Are you a John Green fan? 🙂

As mentioned in my article on the Fault in Our Stars trailer, I first fell in love with John Green a few years ago when I first read “Looking for Alaska”. After that, I bought every single John Green book I could get my hands on.

paper towns movie

Honestly speaking, I didn’t fall incredibly in love with “Paper Towns”, even though the prose and wit were spot on. I simply didn’t get too invested in the story or the characters the way I did with “Alaska” and “TFIOS”. However, when I heard that Nat Wolff, one of my favorite actors, would make another John Green movie appearance – and this time in the lead role to boot – I flipped. Let’s not forget that Margo Roth Spiegelman will be played by the Cara Delevingne

Watch the trailer yourself here:



This movie looks to be so good, it has also made it onto our list of Movies to Look Out for in 2015. Are you excited for this movie, too? Tell us your thoughts! 🙂

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