Papa Rock’s Big Burgers and Grillery: Nothing Beats Homemade Flavors

Papa Rock’s Big Burgers and Grillery: Nothing Beats Homemade Flavors


When in Manila and tired of the same old fast food burger taste, then it’s time for you to try something new and really delicious! Visit Papa Rock’s Big Burgers and Grillery in Marikina City and enjoy the taste of grilled homemade burgers and other dishes at very affordable prices!


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and GrilleryPapa Rock’s ‘Homey’ feels in Marikina City

Papa Rock’s Big Burgers and Grillery opened in 2011, and since then, their homemade burger recipe made by the owner, Papa Rock, became famous to Marikenos. They do not only offer the best-tasting grilled burgers in town, either; they also offer homemade dishes (including rice meals and heavy breakfast meals) at very affordable prices. What’s more interesting about this place is that you’ll really feel at home while you eat because the dining area is an extension of the owner’s home and garage! The place is really homey and peaceful.


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and GrilleryDining area inside Papa Rock’s 

Aside from its accessible location and homey feeling, oh my, the food is really, really, REALLY GOOD AND AFFORDABLE! Before I introduce their best-selling big burger, let me start with their menu and set of appetisers first. 


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and Grillery From Burgers to All-day Breakfast and Coffee: Papa Rock’s has it all!


Eating Papa Rock’s Nachos (only P40 per order) is a good way to start any meal because of its homemade tomato salsa and cheese dip. Aside from the fresh tomatoes and creamy dip, their nachos taste just right! If you’re saving your tummy for the big burger later, though, feel free to share your nachos with your friends!


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and GrilleryAppetizing Nachos with homemade Cheese & Salsa Dip (P40)

Are you super hungry? Papa Rock’s also prepares fresh pasta dishes and their Carbonara (P60) has a good mix of bacon bits, mushrooms, white sauce, and spices. It’s really delicious and creamy! A bowl of pasta is a good fix for a very long day at work or in school! If you want to add more meat to your meal, you may want to order their pure meat barbecue marinated and grilled the Papa Rock’s way for only P15 per stick. Drinks are also priced the same per glass: house blend iced tea, dalandan juice, or four seasons – you name it! 


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and GrilleryGenerous serving. Mouthwatering Carbonara for only P60!


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and GrilleryPapa Rock’s Meaty Barbecue and House blend Iced Tea (P15 per stick / glass respectively)


Now here comes the BIG deal: the secret burger recipe from the owner himself, Papa Rock! Papa Rock’s best-selling grilled big burger; the Jawbuster (P150) contains 2 pieces of their overwhelming homemade beef patties complete with cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and soft burger buns for 100% satisfaction! Ready your jaw because this 2/3 pounds tower of beefy and cheesy goodness might break it!


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and GrilleryPapa Rock’s (BIG) and best seller: Jawbuster (P150) 


Pair it up with their freshly cut potato fries (P40 only)! OOOOOH, what a yummy, filling and affordable combination that you will never ever experience in any commercial fast food in Manila!


Papa Rock's Big Burgers and GrilleryLOOK.AT.THAT. Oozing with real beefy and cheesy goodness, paired with fresh cut fries! (P40)


REAL, BIG TASTE for a very low price! This burger tower reminds me of fresh quality burgers from expensive restaurants without the expensive price tag! I really love how delectable and enjoyable the experience was while eating Papa Rock’s Jawbuster. According to the owner, the burger recipe has been around for years – even before they thought of putting up a store. They used to serve their homemade burgers to friends, relatives, and visitors who enjoy their fresh and filling burgers – the same ones that they now offer for everyone to enjoy!



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