Pampering Ideas for Mother’s Day at Eastwood City

A Makeover at Status Salon

After relaxing massages, facial and nail treatments, treat your mom with a make-over at Status Salon. Why do we recommend this one? Well, as you know, there are countless salons in the metro, but what’s unique about this place is that  they provide every client with a free scalp check-up, so you’d know the REAL status of your hair before deciding on what treatments you should have. Cool right? I mean, how many salons offer this? I bet, very very few.

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Here, you can get to see how healthy your scalp is. Afterwards, they will then recommend which treatments will be best to restore the health of your hair.

Megaworld Eastwood City Walk Wellness (45 of 47)

During our visit, they recommended this hair mask to restore our scalp’s moisture before getting a trim.

The hydrating scalp treatment was fairly quick which also included a relaxing head massage. Afterwards, my hair felt so soft and shiny. It looked and felt better than the other salon treatments I’ve tried before. You’re mom’s gonna feel extra special if you treat her with this! =)

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So yeah, this coming Mothers Day, or even during ordinary days, if you live in and around Eastwood area, don’t forget to visit these wellness establishments over at the Eastwood City Walk for all your wellness and pampering needs!

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