Pampering Ideas for Mother’s Day at Eastwood City

For many years, Eastwood City has been known as one of Manila’s premier lifestyle hubs with its vast array of establishments from restaurants, clothing shops, services, you name it, they got it! You don’t actually have to go out Eastwood City anymore if you live in one of the many condo residences around it. Eastwood City is definitely one of my most favorite paces in the metro! In fact, I’ve featured many of their restaurants before and even came up with a list of new restos to check-out in Eastwood City that went viral. Eastwood City may have established itself as a haven for food lovers around the metro, but did you know that  Eastwood City is also an oasis for people yearning for quality pampering?

This coming Mother’s Day, if you live/work or happen to just visit Eastwood City, and would like to treat yourself and your mom onto a day of relaxation and nourishing wellness treatments, here are 5  Highly recommended MUST-GO-TO establishments located at Eastwood City Walk.

5. Spa’ A (spa-ey)

Have you ever heard of a Fish Spa before? Visit Spa’ A to experience this one-of-a-kind thrilling treatment! I’m sure your  mom will enjoy this!

Spa’A is all about indulging in comfort as authentic Turkish Gara Rufa fish nibble on the dead skin of your body. Their state of the art aquariums use the latest technology in Bio-filtration and UV Sterilization, which kills 99.9% of bacteria so no infectious diseases can be transmitted. The benefits of this fish spa treatment include:

  1. The clearing and promotion of healthy blood circulation
  2. Protects and leaves skin healthier, softer and smoother
  3. Stimulates acupuncture points and modulates the nervous system to relax the body release of fatigue
  4. Cure various skin problems without any side effects


It can be a bit ticklish at first, but after a few minutes, you’ll feel super relaxed!

Aside from the fish spa, Spa’A also offers traditional Filipino massage treatments that will make you feel zen afterwards!

Hilot Massage with Dagdagay (P750): Full body traditional massage with an authentic Igorot/Cordilleran foot and leg massage that uses 2 sticks to stimulate the soles in order to purify and cleanse the feet.

Hilot Massage with Hot Stone Therapy (P700): Full body traditional massage with water treated stones placed at specific sites on your body to promote relaxation, healing and energy.

Hilot Massage with Suob/Steaming (P750): Full body traditional massage with the Pinoy version of steambath known to drive away elements of illnesses by boiling a concoction of 7 herbs and letting the therapeutic mixture vaporize inside a large thick cloth that envelopes the body. This also nourishes and softens the skin before the Hilot massage.

Their staff is so down to earth and adorable. Oh, by the way, they are all licensed therapists.

I can’t wait to visit again soon!

To know more about their  delightful treatments, visit them on their Facebook:

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