Pampering Fit for a Princess at Kallista Nail Lounge

Written by Mikaela Zulueta (@kelazulueta)
Photos by Jules Gapuz (@iuvenili)

I have to admit, I have never been one of those people who are into ‘spa days’. I find massages painful, mani-pedis as awkward, and the overall experience a bit too fussy for me. But if there was one thing to get me to change my mind, it would be Disney.

Beauty and the Beast nail polish 14
Beauty and the Beast nail polish 04Morgan Taylor’s Beauty and the Beast inspired “Romance Lights the Way” set (also available in gel variant)

I’ve long since accepted that I have a bit of a problem when it comes to Disney, especially Disney princesses. I’m compelled to indulge myself with anything that has to do with them; from stickers that I will never use, to shirts I refuse to part with, and even a nail service I am likely to chip in just a few hours. Hence, how I ended up enjoying my treatment at Kallista Nail Lounge much more than I expected.

Kallista Beauty and the Beast nail polish 13

Kallista Beauty and the Beast nail polish 12

But let’s start at the beginning, with Gelish and Morgan Taylor’s new Beauty and the Beast nail polish collection. Though I never actually find the time to put polish on myself, as soon as I saw the theme of this new line I knew I had to try it. With colors named “Gaston and On and On” and “Potts of Tea”, they were practically calling me to be their guest — which, ironically, is another one of their polish hues.

Kallista Beauty & the Beast 2From left to right: Potts of Tea, Enchanted Patina, Gaston and On and On

Kallista Beauty & the Beast 3From left to right: Be Our Guest, Days in the Sun, Plumette with Excitement, The Last Petal

Now, Kallista Nail Lounge is one of the few purveyors in Manila to be offering this exclusive line. Not only do they make you look like a princess, they make you feel like one too! Like I said, I’d always thought mani-pedis to be uncomfortable at best, and something akin to torture at worst. Well, Kallista has officially converted me. Their pampering services have turned me into a Beauty from a Beast (alright, I’ll stop with the lame references now). But seriously, the attention to detail and and care with which their staff expertly attends to their customers is the reason I will definitely be coming back again and again.

Kallista Beauty & the Beast 4From hues mimicking Belle’s enthralling gown to the red of the Enchanted Rose, this is a must have for any 90’s kid

Kallista Beauty & the Beast 5Enchanted Patina works as overlay to give a Baroque-esque finish. As Cogsworth says: “If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!”

Launched just in time for the movie, hurry over and get your nails done before the last petal falls! Which lacquer tint are you eyeing?

Kallista Nail Pamper Lounge

 2/F S Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila, Marina Way, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.