Pam Quiñones Inspires Young Dentistry Student in Search of Personal Style

Pam Quiñones teams up with Raiza Contawi to inspire a young student to explore and discover her personal style with the help of LazLook.

Much like any other art form, fashion encourages self-expression. After all, what better way can we present ourselves to the rest of the world if not with the clothes we wear, right? And for us to truly express ourselves with what we wear, we must first get to know our personal style.

Speaking of personal style, Pam Quniñones is one name in the Philippine fashion industry we can always count on. She is a sartorial inspiration for curating timeless and iconic looks for today’s most trending celebrities, making sure that they stand out while staying authentically themselves. Through a Lazada-led initiative, a young student had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be part of this roster that Pam Q worked her magic on.

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Raiza Contawi and Pam Quiñones with LazLook Style Upgrade winner, Lianne Lopez

Raiza Contawi, a content creator and certified fashionista hosted the LazLook Style Upgrade contest last August where she called for entries to answer “Why do you want to upgrade your style with LazLook?” Her post was flooded with comments by aspiring winners, but Lianne Lopez’s answer stood out among them all. “I’d like a fashion makeover to boost my confidence in how I present myself. Since I usually wear a white uniform as a dentistry student, I’m excited about this chance to dress in a more creative and comfy way. Trying out new styles can make a big difference for me,” said Lianne. So Pam and Raiza heeded the call and gave Lianne a new perspective on personal style.

As a dentistry student who only wears her white uniform on a daily basis, Lianne admitted that she is still confused about what her personal style is. “I’m really into fashion but sadly, I don’t get to wear this [kind of] outfit every day,” Lianne shared as she examined her sporty ensemble–an upgraded look that featured her favorite green button-down shirt. The LazLook Style Upgrade gave her an opportunity to ask for style advice from Pam; specifically about how to get out of her comfort zone and find her personal style.

Finding your personal style according to Pam Quiñones

Lianne brought her favorite pieces from her closet: a basic everyday crop top and a bright green shirt, as requested by Pam prior to the makeover session. These two pieces of clothing were the fundamental items that Pam built on to create two looks for Lianne. “Because you love these pieces, I want to be able to help you wear them, and make you see that you can wear them in many different ways,” she said.

For the first look, Pam styled Lianne’s oversized blazer with a fitted cropped top and a calf-length silk skirt. The add-ons were more form-fitting as opposed to the size of the blazer which certainly added a lot of visual interest to the entire ensemble. This look actually reflected Pam’s ultimate styling tip, “the only thing that you should master in fashion is which silhouettes work for your body shape.” The play in silhouettes certainly helped in enhancing Lianne’s form while giving her aesthetic that extra boost.


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Look number two centered on a green button-down shirt that Lianne always had in her closet but didn’t know how to style. Even though Lianne had a hard time styling this piece, Pam reassured her with some sage advice and said, “It’s important to invest time to get to know fashion. Your journey to find your personal style begins with knowing what you like.” The piece was then upgraded by creating a sporty ensemble with a black sports bra and black biker shorts. This was topped with a white shirt that was buttoned by the collar with Lianne’s green shirt as the finishing touch. By harnessing what’s already in Lianne’s closet, Pam was able to easily curate looks that connected to who Lianne is, giving a sense of her personal style.


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As the makeover session came to an end, Pam shared her last piece of advice, “before you buy anything, you always have to ask, ‘Does this speak to my personal style?’” Then shared a valuable reminder to have a mindful relationship with the things we buy; because this is the only way we can ensure having a better quality of wardrobe consisting of the things that we truly like and will reflect our very own personal style.