Palladium Pampa Boots: Form and Function Anywhere You Go

Palladium Pampa Boots: Form and Function Anywhere You Go


What are the best boots for traveling? A friend asked this on some social media platforms as she needed boots for her travels. What’s the most common answer? Palladium boots! Ever since some of my relatives began trekking snowy countries, they started buying and using Palladium boots for most of their travels abroad. For my latest trip to Japan, I had been planning to get my own pair of Palladium boots since all of my former traveling footwear had already been giving my feet pain. I usually stay in Japan for at least half a month and my latest stay was far longer than that. I was bound to enjoy the snow. Voila, I got a pair of Palladium Pampa Boots just in time before I left Manila! Let me tell you how it went…




I’m a big foot. I have size 12 feet and my feet are well used for sports, making my feet very muscular and chiseled. With this, I often find problems with comfort. I’m a shoe collector from Jordans to Nikes to Asics to Saucony. Iconic basketball shoes from the “Greatest Of All Time”, Michael Jordan. 1990’s classic footwear from Nike. Runner collaboration shoes. High-tops and high-cuts. All these I love and own, but I’ve never found “the one” for my travels. Surely, many of you reading this are bewildered at how I am not satisfied with much any shoe for traveling. Thing is, the shortest walk I probably do in a single day when traveling is around 4km. Multiply that with my long stays and you’d probably imagine my feet burning hahaha! Well no, thanks to the Palladium Pampa Boots that you can wear high, and even longer with the top of the shoe unfolded and tied with the laces. Talk about form and function in one!




Palladium offers a wide array of boots in different unique signature styles. They even have low-cut version shoes which are quite parallel to the design of their boots. Palladium is amazing at keeping their boots stylish, unique, and very comfortable! The function of their boots is top-notch and highly regarded for both traveling and style. So, what are you waiting for? Need boots for comfy traveling or just for great fashion? Palladium Boots bags both!







Palladium Boots Philippines



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Palladium Pampa Boots: Form and Function Anywhere You Go