Palawan’s Floral Island Resort is the Sanctuary You Need—and You Can Rent it on AirBnb

There’s something to be said for those instances in your life where you find that sanctuary you desperately need from forces that never seem to be under your control. For most, you can find that in the comfort of your own home, but sometimes, if you’re lucky, you find it in paradise.

Floral Island Resort Taytay Palawan

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In Floral Island Resort, you find that sanctuary. This tiny private island in Taytay, Palawan is that perfect place to abscond to. Here, you can forget about the pressures of the outside world, feeling as if a million miles away from it all—just blissfully ignorant and ever so content in whichever corner of this place, your own island, you choose to settle in.

From the start, you’ll feel thoroughly welcomed as the hosts, couple Martin and Flora, and the staff truly go all the extra miles to ensure your experience is nothing short of excellence. Floral Island Resort is not your typical private island resort; this cozy little paradise to call your own is an AirBnb listing—you come here feeling like the family’s guests, not clients.

Floral Island Resort Taytay Palawan

You’ll generally find Martin in the breezy, dining area with a cigarette and a smile, always open for a conversation. He’s a pleasant man to talk to—his exchanges always humorous and intellectual. And he’ll never fail to inquire if you’d be needing further accommodations. His wife Flora is another very special individual—very warm-hearted and personifies the hearth of the home that is this very resort. But perhaps the true star of the show would be their pug Mo, who’ll always be there to greet you in the morning and to ensure you go back to rest at night with a smile on your face. If you’re lucky, you may be able to go snorkeling with him as well, which he really enjoys.

Floral Island Resort Taytay PalawanMo the pug

And as if the experience isn’t already perfect, you discover that the food in Floral Island Resort is also exceptionally good. Know that whenever you’re sitting down for a meal, you’re having bonafide home cooking. All the recipes are either prepared by or created by Flora herself, alongside the chef. Beyond breakfast you will have a meal already being cooked for you just before you sit yourself down, just as if you were back at mom’s. Don’t worry though, if you are particular about your meals, the staff will have that in mind in their preparations. As a side note, the Seafood Pasta was among the best I’ve ever had, with fresh ingredients and perfectly balanced flavors.

Floral Island Resort Taytay Palawan

Even through a couple days of splendor of Floral Island Resort’s rich natural beauty, you’ll never grow tired of the island side snorkeling. Through the clear waters you’ll find a thriving coral reef, with an abundant ecosystem. Floral Island is an active participant in a coral reef restoration project and, on occasion, the guests themselves can assist in helping with the planting. Just another experience that can pen that indelible mark.

Floral Island Resort Taytay Palawan

Floral Island Resort Taytay Palawan

Without a doubt, Floral Island Resort is one of those places that is guaranteed to create everlasting memories. It’s an environment that fosters the truest tranquility and one that is rich with soul. If you could manage, we would recommend a stay of at least three days so you can thoroughly experience a new home away from home.

To Martin, Flora, and Moe, thank you for the lovely time—this is one person who will surely be coming back.

Floral Island Resort Taytay Palawan

Our days in Floral Island Resort, captured in video here:

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Floral Island Resort

Talacanen Island, Taytay, Palawan, Philippines
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