LOOK: You Can Rent This Private Island in Palawan

Ever thought of renting an island for the summer? We found this beautiful island in Palawan that is perfect for any getaway with your loved one, friends, or family.

Floral Island Resort in Talacanen Island Taytay Palawan is a hidden gem that will give you the retreat that you have longed for far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The island is owned by couple Martin and Flora who have been rehabilitating the island since a typhoon hit it a few years ago. They said they initially wanted to look for a property in El Nido, but circumstances brought them to Taytay Palawan instead.

The island is 10 hectares big and only has a few accommodations, ensuring a relaxing and stress-free stay.

There are only a total of six rooms in the resort, each of which can accommodate two people (you can add mattresses, though).

Each room has a Queen Bed, a bathroom, outdoor seating, and fans. In fact, all of the rooms have electric fans. There is no airconditioning on the island because the whole resort runs on solar power.

All of the rooms are in front of the beach to ensure a comfortable stay. You can opt to open the doors of your room to get some fresh air, too.

The best place to hang out on the island is the port (it has a diving board!).

The island is part of the Coral Triangle initiative where they plant artificial reefs to help build homes for our underwater friends.

Aside from the coral planting, guests can make use of the free snorkeling gear and kayaks.

The resort also has a spa located on top of this rock formation, which gives an unhindered view of the ocean. It’s the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

The island is perfect for celebrations: birthdays, weddings, bonding sessions with friends and families – you name it!

The resort usually has a dinner setup to watch the sunset.

The number 1 thing we love about Floral Island is actually the food.

We love the seafood, of course. No island life experience would be complete without crabs and shrimps!

The resort also offers island hopping tours with a speedboat for less than Php2,000. They also have movie nights, fishing, diving, waterfall visiting, kiteboarding, and coral planting.

Visit Floral Island in Taytay Palawan this summer! Plan your next escape ASAP!

Floral Island Resort



www. floralisland-resort.ph

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