Palawan Electric Cooperative Warns Residents: “Switch Off Your Fridge Or Risk Missing The Fight”

Do you live in Palawan? Are you planning to watch the big fight tomorrow? Then better take note of a warning issued by the Palawan Electric Cooperative, or you might end up watching a black TV screen instead of exciting boxing action.


Rante Ramos is the board secretary of the Palawan Electric Cooperative and he recently posted this warning on his Facebook account:

“Truth is, come May 3 (Pac-May boxing match), Palawan grid would still be 2-megawatt short of power supply. Some circuits may inevitably be switched off. Kawawa naman yong mga nag-abang at nagbayad ng PPV. But collectively we can do something. On May 3, let’s all voluntarily switch off or disconnect as many appliances as we could, e.g. if only 15,000 households would switch off their refrigerators, then the 2-megawatt power deficit is gone. Everybody could have the chance to watch live the fight of the century.”


With brownouts still a regular occurrence in Puerto Princesa, and weather forecasts predicting temperatures in the high 30s for tomorrow, there is a real risk that the grid will not be able to cope with demand unless residents take heed of the above warning. So if you live in Palwan or have friends there, then pass it on and (hopefully) enjoy the fight!