Have a Rice Day with These Paellas that are Oozing with Flavor

Paella is one of those dishes that my family always rejoices about. Whenever there’s paella, you can be sure that there will be smiles on their faces come meal time. If you love paella as much as we do, you’re in luck because we’ve found some amazing online stores that can deliver paella to your doorstep, whether you have a big occasion to celebrate or are simply craving for it (no judgment!).

Have a Rice Day with These Paellas that are Oozing with Flavor

Big M Recipes (@bigmrecipes)


Photo from Big M Recipes

Big M Recipes was named such because of a love for cooking. MJ Maycon shares that paella has always been their family’s favorite, so it made sense to add it to their menu to cater to fellow paella lovers. Their paella is made of quality fresh ingredients – from the best olive oil to the fresh seafood to the chunks of meat to the peas and white asparagus all the way to the rice. “We hope to give you a taste of authentic Paella Valenciana rich with fresh and flavorful ingredients and served with a labor love,” says MJ

Big M Recipes tries to add new items to their menu every month, as well, so make sure to keep a look out on their social media accounts for new offerings!

Cocina de Cielo (@cocinadecielo)


Photo from Cocina de Cielo

Cocina de Cielo is a brand rooted in the love of food and a passion for cooking. Cielo, the namesake and chef of the brand, has always loved cooking for other people. She has always loved sharing her food; and after years of thinking about it, she finally decided to take things to the next level. Their tagline is ‘Heaven to Your Homes’, and that is what they really want. “We are so grateful that people have opened up their homes to us, and we hope they continue to do so,” they say.

Cielo actually learned to make paella at the Escuela de Arroces y Paella Valenciana in Valencia, Spain; so you can be sure that you’ll be getting completely authentic Spanish paella when you order from them. You definitely won’t regret it! Make sure to follow them on social media, as well, to get first dibs on their upcoming new releases.

Socarrat MNL (@socarratmnl)


Photo from Socarrat MNL

Socarrat MNL was formed by three siblings who wanted to showcase their mother’s paella recipe that has become a family staple versatile enough to be the star of any special occasion or trusty comfort food. For almost 10 years, the family has been offering their mom’s paella to family and close friends for special occasions, but the past months in isolation convinced them to turn their mother’s hobby into a full-time endeavor.

Socarrat MNL’s paella is made with fresh ingredients hand-picked everyday and the first thing you will notice when you receive it is that they definitely do not scrimp on the ingredients! Although each paella is loaded with meat, seafood, and vegetables, though; their presence in no way overpowers the single most important ingredient of every paella: the flavorful rice.

Not to mention, all of their paella trays are accompanied by the lightly toasted, caramelized, almost golden brown crust of rice found in the bottom of a paella pan, better known as Socarrat (hence their name). They currently offer four types of home-made paella: their original recipe, Mom’s best Mixed Paella; All-Meat; All-Seafood; and Paella Negra.

Casa Amores (@casa.amores)

The first time Gus Amores ever made paella was when he was still living in California. Having always been curious about how to make the dish, he got a recipe online and made it. It wasn’t until he enlisted in the US Army for a few years that he actually fell in love with the dish, though. A Spanish restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany served some Paella Valencia that really left an impression on him, making Gus promise himself that he would try and replicate that same caliber someday. Thanks to the pandemic, that moment has finally arrived through the creation of their brand, Casa Amores.

After some thorough research and numerous trial-and-errors, Gus now knows that in order to make great paella, the most important part is the quality of the rice, broth, and the “sofrito”. That being said, Gus uses the same ingredients for Casa Amores that he uses when cooking for his wife: nothing but top quality Spanish paella rice, a combination of bases for the delicious savory broth, imported spices, and fresh produce. All of this comes together to maximize the flavor of the dish, and it is just oh-so-good – an automatic favorite in our household!

What’s your favorite kind of paella? 🙂

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