Outback Steakhouse New PERFECT COMBINATIONS Menu: Bringing out the Best Combo Dining Experience

When In Manila, if an average guy wants to bring out his beautiful date together with her family to score the best impression, Outback Steakhouse will perfectly fit the bill. Outback Steakhouse has always been inclined with hitting the best if not unique flavour simultaneously balancing price with quality. A weighty thing to achieve for most restaurants. With Outback Steakhouse they managed to address the latter with their latest PERFECT COMBINATIONS Menu.

Ever since Outback Steakhouse seized Manila, I have called them, “The Steak Chain from the Iconic Down Under”. Their food quality never seemed to falter after so many years. Outback Steakhouse has been known to be an innovator in the restaurant industry by creating bold, iconic flavours served in the most casual and comfy environment.

When people hear Outback they only think of one word, Steak. Yes, their steak is as always a crowd pleaser;  juicy, seasoned, cooked to your liking, etc.. With that I was also a victim of mindless monotony. To some there was that mini corner inside their minds that eating at Outback Steakhouse has become boring alongside with their other competitors. If you are jaded of eating the regular steaks in town, Outback Steakhouse has something new for all of you. Outback Steakhouse has remained to be a prime selection for excellent steak at an affordable price in a comfortable, casual dining atmosphere. Now they will take you to the Best Combo dining experience, as they say, “It’s always fresh at Outback Steakhouse.”


With their newest Perfect Combinations Menu rolled out, “Oh Outback, where do I begin?” Perfect Combinations is not geared towards a Valentines’ Day promotion. Do you always find yourself staring at the menu for like 5 minutes or so and still having difficulties deciding between Steaks vs. Shrimps? Or Chicken vs. Ribs? There goes the Perfect Combinations Menu! Isn’t it nice to know that whenever you see a familiar food chain name such as Outback Steakhouse, you will get the same kind of food and service you are expecting? No cheap thrills, no fussy price range.  Having a wide array of menu selections doesn’t equate to punishing yourself too. Agitate yourself no more and indulge in solid and decently priced food.


We got off a good start with the Surf and Turf alongside with the Ribs and Alice Spring Chicken. The names itself is already enough to drown you isn’t it? Chunk of Meat Feast ahead!

SURF and TURF – Tender and juicy 6oz filet paired with succulent grilled shrimp. Served with your choice of mashed potatoes and/or rice pilaf and fresh seasonal vegetables. (PHP 1,099)


Outback Steakhouse beef as usual doesn’t disappoint. As Outback is committed to serving meat as their primary menu offering, this dish is irresistible to pass up. The rib eye steak, which is the fattiest of Outback’s cuts was cooked to perfection with the right amount of seasoning rubbed on top and seared just enough. Indulge in good solid beef. I’m personally a fan of the rib eye served to me. It was thick and marbled with enough fat to make it delectably juicy.

And not because they’re a steakhouse doesn’t mean they don’t know how to serve shrimps. In fact, they give you good sized ones. The shrimp has that bold flavour that will make you crave for more. The shrimp’s seasoned intriguingly and complemented well with the rib eye. If you’re a red meat eater, this one’s on your A list.

RIBS and ALICE SPRING CHICKEN – A half rack of their  fall-of-the-bone baby back ribs paired with grilled chicken breast , topped with bacon,  honey mustard sauce, sautéed mushrooms and Monterey Jack and Cheddar.  Served with your choice of Aussie Fries and/or mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies (PHP 999)

The ALICE SPRING CHICKEN is the real thing. Tempting grilled chicken breast loaded with generous slices of crisp bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and smothered with mouth watering Monterey jack and cheddar cheese.  The chicken was tender and juicy, not stringy at all. The toppings definitely added a punch of flavour to it. They all just blended well together.

Expect the ribs to melt in your mouth, except for the bone yeah?! Certainly not overcooked else you’ll just trigger World War III with that slab. If you want good ol’ ribs, Outback does the job. Ribs was succulent and saucy, exactly just the way ribs should be. Grilled to perfection and brushed in a tangy BBQ sauce. Sides? Their veggies for both dishes are usually nice and tender (not mushy!).

Outback Steakhouse Perfect Combinations, great taste with a massive portion.  Outback Steakhouse cuts the price for you but not the servings. The servings are still hefty mind you.  Don’t waste time questioning their service. It has always been impeccable. And while there are finer steak choices in town, Outback Steakhouse is very much still a great one.

Hit up Outback Steakhouse for their Perfect Combinations Menu, order a platter today and be a happy man When In Manila!



Ground Level, Glorietta 4 Ayala Center
Makati City

Telephone: + 632-729-8458

Store Hours
11am to 3am (straight hours)

E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Acropolis, Libis, Quezon City
Telephone: + 632-634-3801

Store Hours
Mon-Fri: 12noon – 2:30pm (Lunch)
5pm – 11:30pm (Dinner)

11:00am to 11:30pm

Alabang Town Center
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa

Telephone: + 632-772-1845

Store Hours
Mon-Thurs: 11am – 3pm
5pm – 10pm

Fri: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 11pm

Sat: 11am -11pm

Sun: 11am – 10pm


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