Our Good Old Bilao Is Being Treated As An Artisanal Boho Chic Rustic Decor In The US

Remember that time the internet went crazy over the green caviar which turned out to be just a seaweed that our grandmothers always serve during lunch? Well, the internet is back at it again! This time, they’re going crazy about bilaos.

That’s right, the round rattan tray that comes along with your one bilao order of pancit is being given the “artisanal” treatment and is being used in the US as a wall décor. Not only that, we actually found a bilao being sold at Etsy, an online shop, for about $38.00 or approximately P 2,000.00. One thing’s for sure, for that amount, you can get around 4 bilaos with pancit bihon on them.Screenshot (385)



Talk about old news, I’m sure your grandmother had a “round rattan tray boho chic wicker tray woven bamboo bohemian wall hanging rustic décor” hanging over your kitchen or dining area since you were 5.

This just shows the depth of culture and art in the Philippines. Due to the creative and rustic designs of our day-to-day equipment, people all over the world are starting to consider them as ornaments for their homes.

Guess we should all give more respect to our good old bilaos.

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