Otaku Connection Episode V: Return of the Kings

Get ready for this fandom event full of colorful entertainment for everyone. Join the cosplay, music and artwork contests, mini-games, and fun interactive activities.

“Otaku Connection: EPISODE V (Return of the Kings)” will take place on May 19 and 20, 2018 at the Palm Drive Activity Center of Glorietta 2 Mall – Ayala Center, Makati City. The event focuses on delivering innovative on and off stage activities for all ages that will run from 11 am onwards. This is also a benefit event to help assist over 327 different charitable groups and institutions all over the Philippines.


  • CRYSTAL GAMES ROYAL CUP- One of our signature and major segments featuring five traditional and original contests where we will be giving away cash and other prizes.
    • COSPLAY HEROES: An individual costume play contest
    • ONGAKU KNIGHTS: A Japanese and animé music contest
    • FANWORX CONQUEST: An animé fan art drawing contest
    • DUAL HEARTS: A Japanese music duet singing contest
    • ACES OF COSPLAY: A themed individual cosplay contest

  • GOLDSAUCER GAMES- A series of mini-games
    • Seven Orders – Our version of bring me game
    • Chrono Quest – a sponsored game of haste
    • Gacha Blitz – A raffle draw for Player Tag holders
    • GTO Exam – An animé related written exam for all
    • Activity Quest- A game open to all ages where they must complete the 7 activities to get their chance to play our gacha box and win prizes.
    • GUNDAM MODEL KITS BUILD – build and win your own GUNDAM MODEL!
    • CARD GAME TOURNAMENTS –Cardfight! Vanguard and Weiss Schwartz by Courtside and Weiss Schwartz Philippines
    • ONE NIGHT ULTIMATE WEREWOLF- an exciting and challenging card game that will test your mind.
    • Chosen Ones – A special contest that will give you chances to win 2 special prizes:
      • A Php 10,000.00 worth sewing machine from Singer Philippines
      • General Admission Tickets to the SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 “HONEY” IN MANILA by Primetrade Asia Inc.

Aside from the games and contests, we also have special segments that your brands could also tie up with. Our original segments:

  • EVA ON FOCUS: a live onstage interview featuring our guest evaluators
  • HAPPY LESSON: an onstage live tutorial, demo or lecture of anything and everything with relations to the fandom.
    • Go-en Kendama lecture and demo about Japanese Kendama
    • Team Artipax talk about hybrid cosplay photography
  • GRAND ORDER: a special onstage catwalk featuring our previous and latest evaluators
  • MARKET QUEST EXHIBITORS: an area where you can join to set up booths for your retail (toys, accessories, collectibles, apparels, perishables, etc.) and promotional (mini games, crowd sourcing, events, activities, samplings, etc.) merchandises with relation to the Japanese and Western Geek or Cultural fandom.
  • FANWORK BOOTHS: featuring 3 well known illustrators in the local and international communities.
    • WizYakuza, Little Things PH & Azrael Santi



We have invited well known personalities and groups from the local community to become part of our lineup of guests.

  • Our seven (7) EVALUATOR’S COUNCIL or guest judges for our Crystal Game contests are Wiz Yakuza, Geneva Cabading, Aya Mikage, Doc Bram, Vaynard Darkhearth, Sol Occiano & Diana Tabitha Caro
  • ONE STAGE STARS are local Japanese cover artists and groups that will perform our favorite Japanese and anime hit songs: Alice Project, Project Materia, Kirei Ningyou, Aisaku Yokogawa, Sharlla Cerilles, Hino, Cifra, Team Oke Gakuen
  • GUEST EMCEES who will liven up the stage are Mykol & Naru

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