Original Cake: Taiwan’s Famous Soft and Fluffy Cake is Finally in the Philippines

Words by Lorraine Giron
Photos by Jury Salaya 

There’s a new store in town that Filipinos have been lining up for, but no, it’s not another milk tea brand. Just take a look at that line!

Original Cake 2

Original Cake 1

Curious? It’s cake. It’s soft, fluffy, tasty, and—not to mention—addicting cakes from Taiwan, called Original Cake.


If you pass by the 3rd floor of SM San Lazaro, you may wonder where the delicious aroma is coming from. Well, meet the Filipino crowd’s newest favorite: the famous cakes of Taiwan’s Original Cake!

Filipinos have only once heard of tales about Original Cake from those who’ve tried it abroad, but now, they’ve finally come to the Philippines.



Original Cake started in Taiwan 10 years ago, and since then, they’ve been known for their delicious cakes made of sugar, flour, and eggs, or what most people describe as sponge cake. This Taiwanese delicacy originated from the scenic riverside north of Taipei, Taiwan, and is popular for its moist and fluffy texture.

And now, this brand that made this cake popular all over Taiwan has finally brought the store to Manila so Filipinos can get a taste of their of their famously soft and fluffy cakes. Founded in 2010, Original Cake started as a single outlet in Taiwan. Their products became an instant hit among locals and since then, they have been continuously expanding, not just in Taiwan, but all around South East Asia. Currently, they have stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and now in the Philippines. They are also soon expanding to Thailand, Australia, and USA.


But seeing the long lines Original Cake has been garnering from Filipino patrons, you might be wondering—is it worth the hype? Our verdict: Yes, it is.

Why? Simple. Not only are their cakes delicious in all its simplicity, all their flavors are priced at under Php200. Totally worth it.


What makes Original Cake special is that, even through its affordability, they use only premium ingredients to assure the quality of their cakes. No added preservatives, too, because everything is freshly baked. When you come to their store, the cakes will be handed to you in their boxes warm, with its sweet, inviting aroma filling the air around you.

Filipinos of different ages will definitely enjoy these cakes without feeling the guilt.



Currently, Original Cake offers three flavors from their Fresh Baked Series: Original Cake, Golden Cheese Cake, and Chocolate Cake. The Original Cake is the classic favorite, embodying beauty in simplicity with its light yet creamy and moist texture.

ORIG CAKE 25The classic Original Cake

For cheese lovers, their Golden Cheese Cake is a must-try. This is the best-seller among Filipinos! It is made of the same premium ingredients as the Original, but are complemented by two layers of cheese filling and sprinkled with cheese powder on top.

ORIG CAKE 1The Pinoy favorite, the Golden Cheese Cake

But if chocolate is your liking, their Chocolate Cake is perfect. It is only mildly sweet, giving more attention to the rich and bittersweet dark chocolate taste. That’s real chocolate flavor right there!

ORIG CAKE 26The Chocolate Cake, a perfect balance of sweet and bitter chocolate

And, lastly, aside from their cakes, Original Cake will also eventually offer other delicacies, like these homemade cookies that will soon be on their menu. This Snowflake Crisp Original Cake is made of cranberries, biscuits, marshmallows, mixed cream, and milk powder which gives a sweet and crunchy texture, perfect for a light snack.


For now you might have to endure the line if you want to get a taste of this new craze. But not for long. Original Cake is opening more stores around Metro Manila in the coming months, so more Filipinos can enjoy their famous soft and fluffy Taiwanese cakes!

Watch out for Original Cake as they expand to the following locations soon! SM Fairview, Circuit Makati, Eastwood Mall, Lucky Chinatown, Robinson’s, SM Sucat, SM Manila, and more to come.


Have you tried Original Cake already? What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments!

Original Cake Philippines

Current location:
2F, SM San Lazaro, Santa Cruz, Manila

Instagram: @originalcake.ph