The Orchard Hotel Baguio: Instagram-Worthy Hotel for Millennials

Have you heard? There’s a new hotel in town and it’s shaking up the hospitality scene in Baguio City! Check out The Orchard Hotel Baguio.

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Owned by a local corporation, The Orchard Hotel Baguio stands out in more ways than one. Its interiors, ambiance, and facilities all deviate from the typical homey, cabin-esque accommodations you’ll find in the City of Pines.

Orchard Hotel 3

Instead, what you’ll see are lavish, modern aesthetics that most millennials love. In fact, every corner of The Orchard Hotel Baguio is worth adding to your feed!

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Their hotel operation procedures are at par with Generation Green, too. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming environmentally-conscious, which is why they are perpetually creating sustainable ways in all aspects.

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Just look at the lobby! How beautiful is this lounge area?

Orchard Hotel 1

A pretty souvenir shop called “St. Orchard” is located there, as well. It has popular pasalubong items available in case you don’t have time to go to the market, including brands like Good Shepherd and Rico’s.

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The highlights of The Orchard Hotel Baguio, though, are their rooms. All accommodation types have unique décor with artsy modern visuals.

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The aesthetics of the place don’t compromise the quality of the rooms, though. The beds, pillows, and blankets are extremely soft—perfect for a peaceful slumber.

Orchard Hotel 4

The comfort rooms are tinted in gold and silver highlights that exude luxury and royalty. Orchard Hotel 5

The Orchard Hotel Baguio is also keen on details. One of the micro-features that I really appreciate is the built-in USB port outlets. If you forget to bring your adaptor, this is especially useful.

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Deluxe Economy Room (2 Pax | P3,000)

This room is ideal for travelers looking for comfort. For the low price of P3,000, you’ll get a relaxing ambiance that will give you the rest that you need for your entire trip. This room is the only one without air conditioning.

The Orchard Hotel Baguio 12

Supreme Room without Balcony (2 pax | P3,650)

The next room in line is the Supreme Room without Balcony. It’s more spacious than the Deluxe Economy Room, so the setup gives extra breathability for partners or friends.

The Orchard Hotel Baguio 10

Supreme Room with Balcony (2 pax | P3,950)

With just a little upgrade, you can find yourself inhaling the fresh air of Baguio and adoring its scenic view as you step outside the balcony, keeping the same dimension and look as above.

The Orchard Hotel Baguio 14

Premiere Room (2 pax | P4,350)

For a more indulgent stay, the Premiere Room (good for 2 pax) is a good choice. With bright tones and playful geometric designs, this room is well worth its price.

The Orchard Hotel Baguio 6

Loft Room (4 to 6 pax | P9,250)

The Loft Rooms are what you should be booking when you’re staying at The Orchard Hotel Baguio, though. It’s a luxurious, family-friendly/barkada-friendly loft that will make you want to stay there all day.

The Orchard Hotel Baguio 4

There are four Loft variants which differ in color tone: White, Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose. You can choose depending on your preference. 

Here’s a secret that I need to share with you: before booking, ask the front desk which Loft has a bathtub! The price is the same as any of the other lofts—with or without a bathtub!


There is also a function hall at The Orchard Hotel Baguio if you need a place to hold your events. It can hold up to 200 guests in total, but the room can be partitioned into two for smaller crowds. 69599327 1019915574845851 6983152524446400512 n

Food choices for catering are intercontinental; you can choose any cuisine from Eastern to Western.

King Chef Baguio 3

Another special thing about The Orchard Hotel Baguio is that it’s home to King Chef Dimsum Kitchen Baguio, which dimsum at a promotional price.

King Chef Baguio 17

For as low as 50% off daily from 2-5PM, you can feast on your favorite dimsum to your heart’s content.

For breakfast, checked-in guests can proceed to King Chef Dimsum Kitchen Baguio to avail of the morning sets any time from 7AM to 10AM.

Soon, The Orchard Hotel Baguio will also open ‘That Little Café’, an added amenity for guests to enjoy during their stay at the hotel.

The Orchard Hotel Baguio is truly one for the books. Its strength lies in its being Instagram-worthy, but it doesn’t fall behind in giving impeccable service, either. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Baguio, this family/barkada-friendly hotel definitely won’t disappoint!

The Orchard Hotel Baguio

49 Legarda Road, Baguio, Baguio

(074) 442-4360 / 09178962305 / 09985483348 /