An Open Plea: Please Be Kinder in the Comments Section This 2016

Happy new year!

Hi, my name is Angeline Rodriguez, Managing Editor of I’m not a saint. In fact, I used to be quite the basher back in the day. However, after I joined, I became even more aware of how much bashing affects people. This became especially evident after I offered to monitor the comments on our social media accounts more often.

Initially, I offered to do so because I wanted to interact with people more to let them know that we care about what they think about our site. Sadly, it has reached a point where most of the people who like our articles merely click on the Like button and move on with their lives, and the people who don’t like what they see are the ones who leave most of the comments that I monitor.

And I’ve got to be honest: it depressed me almost every single day. It wasn’t until recently that I learned the power of returning meanness with kindness and saw the positive results from the people who support our site who came to defend me from trolls and help me feel better. Some of the other people on my team haven’t discovered that power yet, though, and oftentimes share stories of how hurt they are because of some comment or other.

Now, I understand that negative comments come with the territory of our jobs, but I really do wish people would spread more positivity than negativity around, see the good in everything, or at least choose to use kinder words when they want to share how they feel. In fact, that is my biggest wish for 2016: more positivity – both from myself and from everyone around me.

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I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there are always better ways to share them. Constructive criticism, and helpful tips and suggestions are more than welcome, but when you call us names just because you don’t agree with our opinions, well… I hope you can consider that the people behind this site have feelings, too. *emote*

We love you all and we really do try our best to keep everyone happy. Here’s to a 2016 hopefully filled with positive vibes!

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