OMG! “Tangled: The Musical” is now online for free!

Been feeling a little Rapunzel-esque lately being stuck at home? You’re definitely not alone. As we sit by our windows or dream of going outside (with masks on), we can hear that familiar tune of “When Will My Life Begin?” Well, if you’re looking for something that isn’t ventriloquy, darts, a bit of of ballet, chess, or candle-making, maybe you wanna watch Tangled: The Musical!

The Disney adaptation of the popular film has added songs, a beautiful set, and excellent music. It’s entertaining, tear-jerking, and just a spectacle to behold. From the famous flower song to “I See the Light,” you’ll feel goosebumps everywhere just from how beautiful everything is.

It’s also free! Watch it below:

Look at those props! The set design! The costumes! Everything is so gorgeous and well-thought-out. And as soon as anyone sings–wow! We’re floored. So happy that Disney decided to put this up for everyone to watch. Brb, gonna watch it again.

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