OMG: Kris Aquino Just Joined BTS’ ARMY!

Seems like Kris Aquino has just joined the ARMY.

The ‘Queen of All Media’ has made her interest on the international K-Pop sensation BTS a public knowledge through a very interesting confession on Twitter. She asked if she is “too old to join” the BTS ARMY, and, of course, everyone said that “it is never too late” and has been quick to welcome her to the family.

According to Aquino, she got interested in the group after she watched their American Music Awards (AMAs) performance, wherein the group was seen wearing GUCCI outfits. Yes, it’s GUCCI that caught her attention the most. She then watched them on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel, and later bought their latest album on iTunes.

Aquino’s fangirling didn’t end there, though. In her next tweet, she asked fans for song recommendations, so she could buy more of their albums. Check out more of her tweets below:

By the way, Kris Aquino’s bias on BTS is Kim Nam-Joon.

Who’s your bias on BTS? Let us know in the comments!


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