Olivia Burton’s Feminine Timepieces are Now Available in Manila

Time to shop for a new watch!

Time is gold… or should I say, rose gold?

Watches do more than just tell time. Much like your clothes and jewelry, they reflect your personality, style and even your lifestyle. Whether it’s a digital or analog watch, or a watch with a leather, stainless, silicone or rubber strap; there’s a watch out there made for you.

Just like there are many brands to choose from, watches come in a wide variety of designs: sports watches for the go-getter which feature extra features like a stopwatch or a water resistant body; contemporary pieces for the working professional, brightly colored pieces with bold prints and designs for the artsy ones; and vintage, rustic pieces for the old soul. Some may even go for collector pieces that are limited edition and quite expensive. But that’s a story for another day.

What about that someone looking for a feminine watch? Something that is perhaps classy, dainty, and elegant? Time to turn to the watch expert: Olivia Burton.

Olivia Burton is a British brand founded in 2012 by Jemma and Lisa, two best friends and ex-fashion buyers. The brand started out with a dream to launch beautiful watches— something different, something feminine, and quite unlike the plethora of watches they’ve seen in their time.

The result is Olivia Burton: a unique brand that puts together vintage elements, fashion trends, and nature-inspired concepts to bring you functional and practical timepieces that will last a long time.

Much like afternoon tea in London (pinkies up!), Olivia Burton watches feature delicate pastel colors and delicate metals with your choice of gold, silver, or rose gold. Each piece is a reflection of their customers: unique and stylish.

These are the trademark styles under the Olivia Burton brand, which you can look forward to in their collections:

3D Watch Dial

A welcoming change from the generic designs that fall flat (pun intended), Olivia Burton uses a nature motif to hold up the delicate watch dials on her watch. These include an intricately carved 3D Bee Motif or a large flower to create a luxurious piece. And because no other brand has done this besides Olivia Burton, this design is a standout and a great conversation starter.

Vegan Leather Strap

Olivia Burton doesn’t just use nature as a source of inspiration. They too care about the environment, which is why they offer vegan-friendly leather straps as an option. It’s cruelty-free and comes in neutral tones, which are used to accentuate their timepieces without grabbing too much attention. It’s versatile and classy to boot.

Hand-painted Watercolor Flowers

Each watercolor timepiece under the Olivia Burton brand is individually hand-painted with soft pastel tones, made to create peonies, violets and other flowers— flowing colors on a bright spring day. They’re perfect for parties or even for everyday wear.

With new pieces arriving four times a year, you can expect many stylish designs from Olivia Burton that you can’t find anywhere else. And what a wide range they cover, too! From everyday pieces to glamorous party watches, there’s an Olivia Burton watch perfect for you— the timeless, modern-day woman.

Just take a look at some of their collections:

We Love Bees

A collection dedicated to the busy bee. It features the trademark 3D hand-carved bee motif in the middle of their watches.

Marble Florals

Combining the best of what Olivia Burton has to offer, this collection features hand-painted watercolor flowers on a marble watch face.

White Dial

Go back to basics with these contemporary minimalist styles.


A limited-edition design with a light dusting of shimmery metals across a white face.

You don’t need to go all the way to UK to get your very own Olivia Burton watch anymore. In partnership with Newtrends International Corporation, Olivia Burton is now in the Philippines! Co-founder Jemma gleefully says of the launch: “We’re so excited to launch in the Philippines. To see our brand growing across the globe is so exciting— it’s a real pinch-me moment.”

Head on over to selected Watch Republic branches and get yourself a timeless watch with a design you’ll always love. Prices range from P6,700 to P14,700.

Olivia Burton London

Website: https://intl.oliviaburton.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OliviaBurtonLondon

Instagram: @OliviaBurtonLondon

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