Oli’s Boxship: A Kids-Approved Subscription Box in the Philippines

I can’t remember the last time I engaged in exciting child’s play. I mean, the most recent I’ve had was back in February when I visited my grandma, and my nieces and nephew were left to my care. We played fast food crew using Play-Doh clay and moulds.

Though I understand that it was a creative activity in itself, I realized I could teach my pamangkins with something more awesome and crafty – and that I can enjoy myself, as well. Don’t get me wrong; I love spending time with kids. It’s just that I often run out of things to say or do because I get tired easily. Add this to the fact that I can no longer hear their blabber because I’m deaf deaf. So, I resolved that the next time I had to babysit them, I’d make it extra special.

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Along came Oli’s Boxship. Out of curiosity, I was led to their website where I learned that it is a subscription box for kids. Yes, you read it right. After dozens of snack and beauty subscription boxes sprouted in the local market scene, here’s something you can subscribe your kids to minus the guilt. And by guilt, I mean the typical kids’ stuff known to us as toys. Oli’s Boxship promises to be more than that.

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This is the creative play magazine published especially for Oli’s Boxship subscribers. It serves as a lesson book and a guide for the activities prescribed for the month. Read on to see the other items included.

Oli’s Boxship is a monthly subscription box that contains an assortment of items meant to ignite your kids’ curiosity and creativity. It banks on the idea that playtime in this digital age doesn’t have to mean being glued to gadgets all the time. In fact, it promotes “unplugged” and creative play through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)-related activities aimed at improving your child’s mental and intellectual capabilities. They have a particular theme every month, so your child won’t get bored of their monthly craft supplies.

2018 01 25 PHOTO 00000276

These items are provided for the activity to teach kids how to make “slushies” a.k.a. iced shaken lemonade.

I received my first Boxship (it’s what they call the “ship” that carries the quintopus Oli) for my five-year old nephew Gian. It’s nice that you can ask them to personalize the box, especially if you are planning to give one as a gift.

They sent us the “Hot and Cold”-themed box containing two main activities to teach kids how heat and ice work in a fun way: through candle-making and preparing lemonade “slushies”.

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The box includes a shot glass, a wick, and a pack of candle wax shavings for the candle-making activity. Crayons are also provided, so your kid can create layers of colored candles.

2018 01 26 PHOTO 00000306

The lemonade powders are real, so you and your kids can enjoy the summer treat in two fun color varieties: yellow and blue. The cups are also provided, so all you have to do is prepare the drinks.

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Here’s the finished product for the “cold” activity: a lemonade slushie that has an icy consistency. We’ve transformed the main box into a serving box that he can carry around his neck.

The activities have “messy meters” to inform parents of what to expect from the process. Still, the fun Gian and I had successfully outdid the amount of effort and “mess” both the “hot and cold” activities entailed. Yup, there are steps that require the assistance of the adults to make sure no one gets burned or stained.

2018 01 25 PHOTO 00000285

The lemonade activity part also has its own bucks! Let your kid play vendor and serve you ice-cold slushies.

2018 01 26 PHOTO 00000305

As if the activities didn’t tire us out, we also had a little storytelling courtesy of Oli’s storybook entitled “The Snowy Day”.

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After hours of tinkering and story-telling, I’ve come up with two reasons why your child should try Oli’s Boxship. One: your kid’s creative juices will start flowing; and two: it makes for worthwhile mom-and-child bonding. Of course, you ARE a part of the process because some activities require adult supervision.

On the other hand, you can also encourage them to think independently. I let my nephew decide what colors he should use during each activity, for example, and he would always ask if he could help in the procedures that require proper handling.

Oli’s Boxship

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