Five Reasons Why You Should Try Subscription Boxes

I admit I have never subscribed to my favorite magazine during its heyday. I thought it would be just the same as buying the glossies at the newsstand on a monthly basis. However, my schooling interfered with my affair with the magazine and so there were months when I was unable to make the trip to the store. It was too late when I realized what I’ve been missing out on; the publisher closed shop and I couldn’t find back issues just to compensate for the fact that I’ve let them go.

A year later, I came across several articles on the internet that talked about the boom of subscription boxes in the Philippines. I was amazed that monthly subscriptions still thrive these days, and that they come in a new concept. There’s the operative word: box. My curiosity was further fueled when I was offered a free box of stylist-curated clothing by StyleGenie PH. Soon, I would check other sites that sell an actual box with various contents, ranging from snacks to geekdom essentials. I find them all interesting and squeal-worthy, to be honest. I would subscribe to all of them if only my income would allow me to.

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Style Genie

So why should I recommend that you try subscription boxes? I’ll give you five reasons:

5. Indulgence

I may be shallow, but the element of surprise gives me so much happiness whenever I receive my monthly box. Yes, there are subscription boxes that bank on “surprise” to gain and maintain their clients. An example of this is What The Box, a monthly dose of everything geeky. For this concept to be successful, the proprietors of the boxes will ask a few details related to what they are offering, and curate the contents of each box according to the preferences of the subscriber.

What the Box: Your Monthly Mystery Box Goes Disney!

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4. Convenience

Think of all the time—and also gas—you can save if you simply receive goods right at your doorstep. Personally, I prefer to have my needs delivered to me because I tend to be lazy, which sometimes results to not buying at all. If you are like me who would much rather doze off on the sofa than do the grocery, subscribing to a loot box might be the best option.

3. Novelty

Another reason to try subscription boxes is the fact that most of them specialize in unique items such as handmade accessories, delicacies, and crafts. There are several subscriptions that allow you to receive goods that cannot be bought at the physical stores; those which the proprietors only manufacture for the subscribers. Some boxes are even filled with an interesting mix of exclusive items.

2. Access

By subscribing to a monthly box, you can receive items that you would never acquire or buy any other way. For example, World Bites allows you to get a taste of the snacks from different parts of the globe. It costs way cheaper than ordering each item from the country of its origin. Even with a worldwide shipping for your fave food items, I don’t think it will justify the amount of money you need to shell out. Same thing with other subscription boxes—they give you an access to premium items that are not readily available in your location.

World Bites 1

1. Affordability

I saved the best for last. If you are on a diet and want to eat healthy, you could simply subscribe to a weekly (yes, there’s even a weekly subscription!) planned meals while also saving money. As many of us know by now, having a healthy lifestyle could be costly because there are food items recommended by dieticians that although are low in calorie, can also be hard to find. Choosing planned meals ensures that you get your nourishment without having to go through all the trouble of sourcing and preparing them. This scenario is the same for all subscription boxes out there: they are curated mainly to allow you to get as much value for your money as possible. Of course, there’s always a subscription box for every budget.

The best thing about subscription boxes? They allow you to discover things that you may not be able to find in your own little community. Each unboxing is a ritual full of thrill and delight; it’s like giving yourself a gift you rightfully deserve. I know I sound poetic now, but really, there’s a lot of fun and interesting things to uncover, one box at a time.

What is your favorite subscription box? Tell us about it in the comments!