World Bites: A Subscription Box of Snacks from All Around the World

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. You can find them in the form of geeky mystery boxes, beauty subscription boxes or even men’s grooming subscription boxes. Since I am a huge foodie, though, my favorite subscription box at the moment is World Bites PH.

In case you haven’t heard of World Bites before, it is basically a delicious box filled with snacks from all around the world. You can subscribe via their website and get to taste all sorts of international snacks every month. Here’s a sample of what you might get in your box if you order one:

World Bites 1

World Bites’ concept is a big deal to me because I’m the type of person who always makes bilin whenever people go out of the country. Without fail, I ask them to bring back the snacks that I used to love as a kid (I grew up in various countries and it’s so hard to find my favorites here). Since I don’t get to travel all the time, World Bites has become a must-have subscription box for me. I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I got my box. Yes, Hanuta, my love, I see you!!!

World Bites 5

Hanuta was my favorite snack growing up in Germany. Also pictured is Prince Polo from Poland, Horalky from Slovakia, and Tortica from Croatia! Now, tell me: would you be able to easily get these snacks elsewhere?

World Bites 4

I sadly don’t have a picture of the Takis because people were telling me that it’s a huge thing in Mexico and a definite must-try, so I ended up eating them before taking a picture. I am so sorry! Haha. It was definitely a unique and addictive type of chips, though. If you like curry, then the Bissli Falafel chips are a must-try, too.

World Bites 3

Of course, what would this snack box be without chocolate? I’m happy they put one of my favorite brands in there. I always ask for Cadbury bars when my friends go abroad – without fail! – and the Wunderbar is one of them.

Overall, World Bites PH provides a wide selection of snacks that will surely make people happy. Some people have asked me whether a subscription was worth it since you won’t actually get to see what’s in the box before you order one and since you might not be familiar with the snacks that they send. Well, my answer is a resounding yes!

Why? See, even though you won’t get to decide which snacks you’ll get, you will still be able to make people happy with the snacks that you might not want.

I got a bag of Kirkland Trail Mix in mine and being a non-healthy eater, I automatically thought of giving it to my boyfriend who’s a sucker for nuts! I also gave one of the Cadbury bars to my mom and the soft croissant to my dad because he loves croissants.

World Bites 2

Another great thing about World Bites is that they ensure that you don’t just get snacks from different countries, but also a whole range of different kinds of flavors in a single box. In my box alone, for example, I got to taste a bunch of delicious chocolate, sour yet spicy chips, curry-flavored chips, and dark chocolate wafers to name a few. Plus, you’ll get to familiarise yourself with international snacks, which is always helpful when you’re abroad and deciding which pasalubong to bring back home.

Find out more about them through their website, where you can also find the different prices for each box. You can also buy the snacks separately if you fall in love with either of them. Such a win!

What’s your favourite international snack of all time? 🙂

World Bites PH