Oh So Healthy is Oh So Good!

Nowadays, it’s not that hard to look for healthy food to munch on. You just go to malls and you’ll find them in no time. The want for anything wellness-related is increasing, but it can get quite costly. Luckily for us, one local brand wants to help us achieve our fitness goals in a much affordable way. Check out Oh So Healthy!

Oh So Healthy! is a 100% locally made snack line with 100% natural ingredients turned into Fruit Crisps. The handpicked flavors are Filipino favorites like mango, banana, guava, coconut, and purple yam. Those components are then turned into flaky and crispy chips without the use of oils. It is generally much healthier since it does not make use of unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. 

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The Flavors

Mango Sweet Potato Banana

This flavor is the sweetest of them all. You might think that the prevailing taste would be the banana, but it can only be noticed in the aftertaste. Upon biting the chips, you’ll immediately taste mango—almost like a crispy Dried Mango. If Mango is your favorite flavor (with a hint of banana at the end), this is perfect for you.  

Purple Yam Banana Coconut

Purple Yam, locally known as ube, is a Filipino favorite. It’s semi-sweet with a savory taste that you’ll crave for over and over again. Turned into a chip added with banana, it’s a delicious way to fill your stomach with vitamins and nutrients.  The hints of coconut make it more flavorful in terms of sweetness.

Guava Purple Yam Banana

Personally, I have not tasted a real guava before, so I thought I would not know what it would taste like. As I munched on this flavor, though, I immediately recognized a distinct flavor that’s slightly sour, but still pleasant to the tastebuds—it’s surprisingly delicious! The taste of guava really packs a punch and it goes well—believe it or not—with banana and purple yam.

The Verdict 

My favorite is definitely the Guava Purple Yam Banana flavor. Honestly, I thought I would go for the Purple Yam Banana Coconut since ube  is my all-time favorite flavor, but the Guava Purple Yam Banana is something else. I made my friend try it and he also chose this as his favorite flavor. One friend of mine commented on my post and said she could eat the Guava Purple Yam Banana all day. I think that goes to show just how good it is! If you’re not convinced, try it yourself. 

Oh So Healthy! Fruit Crisps are available at any Metromart, Rustan’s, SM Snack Exchange, and Shopwise Supermarket for only Php95, way cheaper compared to other international brands that usually cost more than Php200. Aside from that, I love how we can help local farmers by patronizing Oh So Healthy! because it’s a way of supporting our country’s agriculture. 

*You can also order online at Beauty MNL and Lazada. 

Try this yummy snack and get ready to show off your beach-ready body this summer!  

Oh So Healthy!

Website: https://www.imohsohealthy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imohsohealthy

Instagram: @imohsohealthy


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