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Notebooks By Happy Poppy Art


When I was a little girl, I loved collecting notebooks. Even if I knew I had no use for them, I bought notebooks anyway, especially if I loved the design.

Now, I have a cabinet full of them—and these notebooks ended up becoming a storage for drafts of short stories and poems. They were especially helpful whenever I didn’t have any access to my laptop. These notebooks would be a staple in my bag, and every time a story idea or even a single dialogue line entered my head, I would take them out and just jot the words down.

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Notebooks by Happy Poppy Art


To this day, that’s still part of my daily routine. I need to have notebooks with me, so that my day feels complete. But because I’m very particular about notebook designs, I’m very picky with the notebooks that I buy. In a way, the design has to relate to my lifestyle and philosophies.

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Happy Poppy’s philosophy is something I also live by: “We are Happy Poppy and we design our products in hopes of bringing art closer to other people’s lives. We believe that art should not only be framed and hung on walls but should also be part of our everyday lives. Through our products, we let people use, wear and let art be part of their lifestyle.

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This is why I’m so happy to have discovered these adorable notebooks by Happy Poppy! I just love their designs, and seeing the creativity in them inspires my own creativity, in turn making me want to continue writing.

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Aside from pretty notebooks, they also have gift wrappers, gift cards, tote bags, apparel, accessories, and artwork available!

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To spread the creativity and love, will be giving away a Happy Poppy notebook! To enter the raffle, simply follow the instructions below:

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The lucky winner will be announced on April 30, 2014 (Wednesday).


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Notebooks by Happy Poppy Art