Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Graces Elorde Boxing Gym Makati for His Grand Fans’ Day


When Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire is in Manila…


When In Manila and a boxing fan, it’s undeniable that Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire is Filipino boxing’s golden boy this 2012. Winning all of his four fights, capturing three titles in the super bantamweight division, and rising to the No. 5 spot in the pound-for-pound rankings, Donaire rose to the occasion as Manny Pacquiao fell short in his campaigns against Timothy Bradley (in a controversial decision loss) and Juan Manuel Marquez.


Donaire Fans Day 9

Nonito Donaire displays his WBO and The Ring Super Bantamweight belts, both of which he captured this year.


Nonito Donaire is Philippines boxing’s newest poster boy. And it was such a treat to finally meet him in his Grand Fans’ Day


Donaire Fans Day 1

Nonito Donaire’s Grand Fans’ Day was sponsored by Elorde Top Team.


One week fresh from his K.O. victory over Jorge Arce, Donaire visited Elorde Boxing Gym Makati last Saturday for a day with his fans. Hardcore fans arrived, alone or with their loved ones, as early as 12 NN to catch a glimpse of theNo. 5 pound-for-pound fighter of the world, hoping to have a picture with him, and maybe even to get his autograph.


Donaire Fans Day 2

Early bird fans were beaming with excitement, eager to meet “The Filipino Flash”.


Donaire Fans Day 5

Show time, and Elorde Boxing Gym Makati was filled with Donaire’s fans (and their supportive partners).


“The Filipino Flash” did not disappoint. Donaire was very warm, humble, accommodating of people’s requests, candid with the fans’ questions, and encouraging to other aspiring boxers who were present. The Elorde Top Team sponsored event was relaxed and convivial – even though the usual security overkill ABS-CBN marshals are infamous for was present, they were significantly less antagonistic than in previous events like GSP and BJ Penn‘s visits. It was a very good day for Filipino boxing enthusiasts, a very warm welcome to one of the nation’s two great boxing heroes.


Donaire Fans Day 3

 Most of the time, the guards and marshals act more maangas than the people they’re protecting. 😛


Donaire Fans Day 8

Nonito and a lady fan posing with his WBO and The Ring Super Bantamweight belts.


In classic press conference fashion, Donaire signed three pairs of gloves to be raffled away to those present. He personally picked the winners of the gloves.


Donaire Fans Day 6


Donaire Fans Day 7


After the gloves were given away, Donaire‘s self-proclaimed No. 1 fan was asked to come forward. This guy even made a logo for “The Filipino Flash” and had it printed on several shirts that were given away to us lucky fans!


Donaire Fans Day 10


Donaire Fans Day 11


December was especially good to me, so my name was picked among the ten people who were given the shirts. Grabbing the opportunity, I asked Nonito to sign my Twins Special gloves as well. I later learned that not all the fans were given the opportunity to have their items signed. (Yes, the DAMNED marshals were at it again!) 


Donaire Fans Day 12


In the Q&A portion, fans were encouraged to ask their burning questions to their idol. Of course, everyone was mindful of not crossing the line, lest they were prepared to receive a flash K.O. from Donaire! An exchange that caught my attention was when Donaire talked about how he was bullied as a kid, and how he persevered to transform that experience into a positive. Our frames are not far from each other, and apparently our experience with bullying wasn’t so different either. I found it uplifting that he never talked about wanting to get back on his bullies (and I’m sure he could if he wanted) but rather he used the experience as diesel when he discovered boxing. Personally, I asked Donaire about his plans for the coming year. Check that bit out in this article.


One of the portions I liked about the Fans’ Day was when the Elorde boxers were given the opportunity to ask Nonito about the mechanics of his boxing. I thought that it was very generous of Donaire to share some of his secrets to his fellow boxers, talking about stability as key to his footwork and studying combinations to become an effective counter-puncher. After the event, Donaire had some photos taken with the Elorde stable, which I’m sure most of the boxers have displayed on their night stands or hung on their walls already.


Donaire Fans Day 13 


When In Manila, I never get tired of meeting the people I admire. It’s days like this that I say to myself, “Shucks! I’m really blessed to write for When In Manila!” The best part of this Fans’ Day is that even folks who aren’t part of the media had the opportunity to be up close and personal with the Champ, congratulating him for the accolades he garnered this year.


2012 is truly Donaire‘s year. He has already been crowned as ESPN’s Boxer of the Year, and pundits are saying that it’s only a matter of time before he’s named Ring Magazine’s Fighter of the Year. And we truly hope so! Here’s to capturing more championships in more divisions, “The Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire Jr.!


Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Graces Elorde Boxing Gym Makati for His Grand Fans’ Day