Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution: K-1 Extreme Sportshop is the Exclusive Distributor of Twins Special Boxing and Muay Thai Equipment



The row of stores along Granada St. is littered with signages, but it’s hard to miss K-1 Extreme Sportshop if you’re an MMA enthusiast.


At some point in our respective lives, we’ve said it one way or another: “I’ll reduce 30 lbs this year!” “I’ll grow slimmer!” “I’ll be more fit!” “I’ll redefine my lifestyle!” Unfortunately, only a handful of us do achieve our new year’s resolution of living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve heard  a lot of people start good but stop abruptly, either because they lose enthusiasm over the program they’re into, or they incur an injury that wouldn’t permit them to continue.


When In Manila and wanting to make good on your resolution to live a full and healthy life, the first challenge is to find a sport that you would enjoy above and beyond the promise of a thinner, sexier, or healthier you. With the growing number of fitness gyms incorporating kickboxing into their programs, not to mention the increase of boxing and MMA gyms across the metro, it’s no wonder that guys and gals alike are drawn to the alternative workout a boxing or martial arts class provides. It allows for a safe way to release tension (stress and angst included), allows you to learn basic or advanced defense, and without even trying your body becomes toned according to your body structure.




Want to try the sport but don’t have the right gear? Here’s a classic: Red Twins Gloves.


Then there’s the challenge of finding the best equipment for such a program. As a sports writer, I’ve had people asking in-person and through the net where they could find good boxing gloves for their training, and a brand that always comes up is Twins Special. As an act of public service, I inquired from the brand’s website if there is indeed a local distributor for the Philippines. Apparently, since 2007, K-1 Extreme Sportshop has been the exclusive distributor of Twins Special in the Philippines. The best news is they’re selling at an ABSURDLY LOW PRICE!



Choose from the wide range of Twins gloves available at K-1 Extreme.


Jaime Sin: The Man Behind K-1 and Twins Special Philippines


Jaime Alexis Sin (whose grand uncle is the late Archbishop of the same name) started training in the Filipino martial art of Sari-An while he was studying in La Salle – alongside no less than URCC head honcho Alvin Aguilar – all the way back in 1991. In 2002, he journeyed to Thailand to formally train in Muay Thai, and at the time most of the gyms there were using Twins Special for training and competition. When he returned the following year, he brought home some Twins gear and opened up a quaint sportshop that sells martial arts and contact sports gear and apparel. But it was only in 2007 that the Thailand-based brand acknowledged Jaime as their exclusive distributor in the Philippines. The reason for the four-year wait was because Twins Special doesn’t give out distributorship deals like candy – a commitment to quality assurance, if for no other reason.



Sari-An and Muay Thai instructor Jaime Sin is as unassuming as the MMA store he owns.


Jaime is a terrible businessman. Consider that he owns exclusive rights to distribute a highly reputable brand in Twins Special, and yet he doesn’t follow the mold and spike his prices sky-high. Instead, he actually sells Twins gloves at 2,000 to 2,300 pesos (roughly $40-$50) whereas US prices sell at $70 or more! As a fellow enthusiast and having my share of writing pro bono for this and that promotion, I absolutely respect Jaime‘s dedication to further the sport above and beyond his own monetary gains. And that is perhaps why in that row of stores along Granada St. where shops open and close every so often, K-1 Extreme Sportshop remains steadfast in providing the best gear in the most affordable prices!


Tips for Selecting Your Twins Gloves: Type, Weight, and Design


Twins Special has two types of enclosure systems for their gloves: velcro  and lace-up. Generally, people prefer velcro for training because they can easily secure the gloves by themselves, whereas lace-up gloves are essentially the type of gloves required for competition. If you have someone to help you out, lace-up gloves also offer a longer term of use because across brands the velcro system has a life span of roughly two years in regular use and the velcro loses its stick. Because Twins gloves use high-quality foam and genuine leather for their gloves, they would definitely outlast the velcro system’s longevity. Of course, there are ways to remedy the problem with velcro stick, and if you’re just starting chances are the velcro gloves are still your best bet.



The latest Twins gloves have this guarantee indicating the year they were made printed along the wrist support.


Regulation weight for professional competition is generally set at 10 oz to allow the fighter speed and flexibility, as well as land more damaging blows. For personal training and friendly sparring, 14-oz or 16-oz gloves are recommended. Generally, the heavier the gloves, the thicker the foam, and the more protection they have to offer. For women, a standard 12-oz pair is recommended. These are the recommendations for average-built individuals. As you progress in the sport, you will have personal preferences according to your build and boxing style.



Something for the ladies: Twins Flower Gloves. 


Perhaps not as important as the first two, but something that has been associated to Twins Special are the rad designs they have for their gloves. Choose from a wide range of designs as an extension of your personality inside the gym. Of course, no one will find fault in you choosing the more traditional solid-colored gloves for your training. Again, everything is totally up to the user’s discretion.



Twins No Fear Gloves: They can’t be more in-your-face than this!


Aside from the gloves, K-1 also carries Twins Muay Thai shorts, hand wraps, punch mitts, headgear, shin guards, ankle supports, and a whole range of punching bags. They also carry other brands so feel free to give them a call and inquire regarding the items you need.



Aside from Twins, K-1 also sells different local and international MMA gear and lifestyle apparel.


When In Manila and looking for the best boxing and Muay Thai equipment, drop by K-1 Extreme Sportshop and check out their array of Twins Special gloves and equipment. Twins gear can also be found in Sportshouse and Olympic Village stores and Elorde boxing gyms nationwide.


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Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution This Summer: Go to K-1 Extreme Sportshop and Get Yourself Some Twins Special Boxing and Muay Thai Equipment Today!