Nomi Matcha: Your New Healthy Go-To Cafe (and a Matcha-Lover’s Haven)

Attention matcha fans! Finally, a legit matcha cafe is in town!

Nomi Matcha has just opened its first branch in BGC offering a wide range of healthy, delicious and matcha-flavored food and drinks. The three young entrepreneurs – Mike Jiang, Také Hosomi, and Asuka Hosokawa – conceptualized a place where their customers can relax and feel great about themselves through good food and company without sacrificing the healthiness of the food that they intake.

I am fascinated by how well every little thing in this cafe works so well together. I mean, look at those cute combinations of pastels, throw pillows, comfy seats and the puns on the walls! It is not like your ordinary cafe and is just begging to be photographed – perfect for the Instagram enthusiasts out there 🙂 It’s the perfect place to hang out with friends, eat solo in, or even go on a date in.

I also love the concept of the “I Want” wall, as Mike calls it. It symbolizes the simple things in life that we really want, but tend to forget about because of the busy lives that we lead. With all of the work, stress and problems that we have everyday, they want this wall to serve as a reminder that the simple things can get you back on track and make you feel great about yourself.

I love matcha. The first time that I tasted a legit matcha dessert was when I was in Japan and the fact that the owners of this cafe import their matcha from the matcha farms of Kyoto (the birthplace of green tea) goes to show just how serious they are about their matcha. It’s no wonder why these desserts give off that authentic earthy flavor that matcha is always supposed to have.

My personal favorite from their drinks selection is the “Surprise Me” (P170). It’s the first time I’ve tasted a unique mix of flavors that is surprisingly refreshing and not too sweet. Wanna know what’s in this drink? I’m not going to tell you as I don’t want to take out the “surprise” factor as the name of this drink implies, but I can assure you that this is a must-try. Curious yet? Visit Nomi Matcha and try it out! 😉

Simply Matcha

Matcha Latte

If you really want to taste the classic earthy taste of matcha, opt for the “Simply Matcha” (P120) or the “Matcha Latte” (P160), which you can get either hot or iced.

Frozen Marshmallow S’mores

Okay, 4 words. THE.BEST.S’MORES.EVER – and the fact that it’s matcha flavored made it even better. This torched-to-order “Frozen Marshmallow S’mores” (P250) has matcha ice cream inside and is wrapped in a gooey marshmallow. It is best eat this immediately after serving.

Sample Sample!!!

They currently also offer several Nomi Signature desserts on their menu, and Mike shares that they will be adding more creations as the weeks go by. From my personal favorite, the “Legendary Greenies” (P90) which is a matcha-flavored brownie (I seriously can’t get enough of this baby lol) to “Matcha Churros” (P130) which I recommend to those who prefer a mild taste of matcha to the “Tea-ramisu Dream” (P180) which is a twist of your ordinary tiramisu to a “Sample Sample!!!” (P520) tray which basically gives you four of their bestselling desserts.

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Not only do they offer matcha-flavored desserts and drinks; they also have a wide selection of healthy power bowls and other savory dishes if you want a more filling meal.

Chicken Power Bowl

The “Chicken Power Bowl” (P290) is roasted chicken with pesto sauce, a six-minute egg, veggies and toasted cashews. It is the perfect post-workout meal, though it also works for when you just want a filling bowl for lunch.

F*ck Yeah, I’m Vegan

They also have other varieties of power bowls on their menu that you can check out. If you’re a vegetarian, the “F*ck Yeah, I’m Vegan” (P360) is perfect for you! It has mushrooms, cauliflower rice, baby corn, asparagus, bell peppers and greens – perfect for those who want to cut back on meat yet still get all of the nutrients that they need.

You can also choose to customize their bowls with your choice of carbs: Japanese Rice, Organic Brown Rice (+P50), Red/White Quinoa (+P80) or Cauliflower Rice (+P80).

Chicken Yum Yum

They also offer small bites on their menu like the “Chicken Yum Yum” (P190), savory spiced chicken bites with coleslaw on the side – the perfect appetizer.

Manila x Tokyo Omurice

One of their bestsellers is the “Manila x Tokyo Omurice” (P330) which is a fusion of Japan’s famous omurice and a choice of either longganisa or beef tapa on the side. This is perfect for breakfast, but you can also have it any time of the day, of course. The tasty fried rice wrapped in an omelette and drizzled with ketchup on top combined with the sweetness of longganisa is just perfect.

With the matcha trend increasing rapidly around the Metro, it can be hard to find a place that boasts of both delicious and healthy options, but Nomi Matcha delivers! Two thumbs up for bringing us a cafe with a purpose – and with tasty food.

Nomi Matcha

G/F, W City Center, Bonifacio Global City

Open from 10AM to 10PM

From May onwards, opening hours will be from 8 AM to midnight everyday.


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