Noah Centineo could be the next He-Man from ‘Masters of the Universe’

Noah Centineo has long talked about hoping to break out of the ‘rom-com boyfriend’ mold, and it looks like it might just happen with this new superhero movie. He is currently in talks with Mattel Films and Sony Pictures regarding the Masters of the Universe reboot. Nothing is sure yet, but Sony Pictures reportedly loved working with him on the Charlie’s Angels reboot and is eager to work with him again.

(Noah Centineo and Camila Mendes are set to star in rom-com ‘The Perfect Date’)

Adam and Aaron Nee (Band of Robbers) are set to co-direct the movie, as well as work on the screenplay. The movie is based on the popular Mattel action figures which were later made into a cartoon show in the 80’s. It primarily follows He-Man (or Prince Adam), the ‘most powerful man in the universe’, as he defends his magical home planet of Eternia.

noah centineo

Taking on the role will most likely have Centineo undergoing a complete aesthetic transformation. The blonde hair and bangs are an iconic part of He-Man’s look and honestly, it will be a bit disappointing if that gets cut out. Aside from that, Centineo will have to bulk up for the part since He-Man’s physique is no small detail.

What do you think about this possible casting?