Noah Centineo and Camila Mendes are set to star in rom-com ‘The Perfect Date’

To all the people who love giving into their inner-teenager, this might just be the perfect movie for you. Noah Centineo is pairing up with Camila Mendes in a movie entitled “The Perfect Date” said to revolve around a type of ‘rent-a-boyfriend’ dating service.

The Perfect Date 2

Noah Centineo is sure to incite the same giddy feelings that he triggered in “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, while Camila Mendes will definitely make this flick as interesting as she does “Riverdale”. Joining this duo is Laura Marano from “Lady Bird”, and it looks like she’s going to play the other love interest in Centineo’s life.

The Perfect Date

So is this movie going to be a ‘love triangle’ kind of movie? Not exactly. Here’s how Netflix describes it:

“To raise funds for college, Brooks Rattigan (Noah Centineo) creates a dating app where he’ll “stand in” for non-existent boyfriends. But playing a different character every night of the week leads him to question who he really is … and who he wants to be with.”

Awesomeness Films, who produced the movie, also hints that he “falls for the real girl of his dreams.” This could be pointing to those situations where you never really see who’s right there in front of you until the end. Or it could just be a simple case of choosing between two people. Whatever the answer, we’ll know for sure by August at the latest.

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While Netflix hasn’t given a specific release date yet, they tease on their Instagram that “[Noah Centineo] will pretend to be your boyfriend this summer!” It’s safe to assume that ‘summer’ refers to the months of June to August, as per the American calendar. Hopefully, it’ll be out sooner rather than later!

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What direction do you think this rom-com will take?