No right ramen at Wrong Ramen!

If its wrong to eat good food then I don’t ever want to be right!


When In Manila, an awesome ramen bar is tucked in Burgos Circle at BGC. A restaurant that takes pride in being ‘wrong’. It has the kind of wrong that makes you wonder, have fun and ultimately makes you smile. It captures tradition and tops it off with its unique brand of cool that makes it wrong but at the same time oh so right! The unconventional reality of Wrong Ramen.


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 Packed with a lot of diners all with a bewildered look on their faces when scanning the menu or laying their eyes upon their dishes intrigued or suddenly breaking into laughter, I immediately thought that this is an awesome place to dine! Even the name itself was quite intriguing!


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 An eye-catching stuff that will welcome you upon entering were the unique decors! They have these framed posters with hilarious quotes, different timezone from their wishful branches and they even have a framed YOLO hanging on their wall! An appetizing and laughing treat for the eyes!


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Right ramen is made by Japanese cooks. Wrong Ramen is made by idiots who think they’re better than Japanese cooks.


wrong-ramen-burgos-circle-when-in-manila (4)

Unique salt and pepper shakers makes me want to take these home!


We were met by accommodating smiles and were led to our seats. The servers were polite and quick with our requests and orders. It felt so free and comfortable inside that it makes you feel welcomed.


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What makes Wrong Ramen so wrong will start from their menu!



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