No Bidet? This Portable Tabo Will Save You

We found a portable tabo (or should I say, “water dipper”) on Shopee! We know how bidet is the ultimate key to survival when you badly need to do your business. However, a bidet is not always available. You just have to try your luck sometimes. With this tabo though, you can just get on with it worry-free. 😉

This “multipurpose silicone water dipper” is foldable so you can carry it in your bag or leave it in your car for emergency purposes. It is available in two colors (pink and grey) and has a hole for hanging/storage. For size reference, the collapsible tabo measures 16 cm in diameter, 28 cm in length, and 11cm in height or 3.5 cm when folded.

By avoiding too much use of toilet paper, you also help save the environment. Did you know that thousands of trees are cut down every day to produce tissue paper? Without trees, we may experience soil erosion and a lack of oxygen. Can you imagine living in a world like that?

The foldable tabo is also very affordable. It is currently 55% off on Shopee so from 200 pesos, you can buy it now for only 89 pesos!

Click here to buy now!

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