Nix Designs: Local Handcrafted Lamps Fashioned from a Dream

The lamps displayed at Nix Designs’ Ray of Light exhibit don’t just light up corners of the room. They also share a story.

nix designs ray of light ray of light

Five years ago, designer Nica Eustaquio was still very much into fashion jewelry and dress tops when her Dad passed away. It was a crushing moment for the young designer. Suddenly, her world turned dark. She couldn’t shake the thought that her Dad never failed to convince her to devote time to venture into home decor through their Linea Furniture line. It took a while for her to move on, but as we always say, we all have to move on.

“Last year, I went to Cebu to look for pieces for my jewelry line. Along the way, I found beautiful seashells; but I didn’t know what to do with them. That same night, I dreamt of my Dad where he was holding the shells and told me that I can do something with these shells,” Nica revealed. “And so, while the world was sleeping, that was when my father and I started designing lamps out of the shells.”

“Somehow, I felt that he was with me, guiding me. Today, even if Dad is not physically around, he will always be my guide. My ray of light,” she shared.

nix designs first lamps

Nica started her venture into handcrafted lamps with three designs: the abalone, the bottle, and the mango lantern. She went on to create more designs to complete other collections like Ray of Light, Sienna, Asian, Geometric, Sea Glass, among others. These were displayed during her first solo exhibit held at Linea Furniture, which will run until December 2, 2015.

nix designs droplightsTopaz and Carnation Droplights are crafted with marbled glass and metal

nix designs pumpkin lampSienna Pumpkin Lamps use laminated wood strips and Narra wood frame

nix designs quartzQuartz Lamps are made from ceramic tiles, marbled glass, narra wood, and fabric lampshade

All of Nix Designs’ handcrafted lamps use materials sourced from the Philippines, mostly from Cebu. The basic materials include Narra wood, different types of fabric, and pvc plastic for the diffuser. She also uses marble glass, sea shells, ceramic tiles, glass bottle, resin, and metal. Each lamp is carefully handcrafted by a four-man team: Nica as the designer, a carpenter, a welder and an upholsterer.

Discriminating clients may ask for custom-designed lamps, guided by Nica’s creative inputs. Handcrafted lamps by Nix Designs will be available only at Linea Furniture along Pasay Road, Makati City.



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