Ningnangan in Bacoor, Cavite is Now Open to Satisfy Your Paluto Cravings

Last August 17, Ningnangan, a paluto and seafood restaurant, opened in Bacoor, Cavite. When translated from Kapampangan, Ningnangan and Ihawan does not limit itself to its restaurant name. They serve a variety of foods, from short orders such as different types of sinigang, to special orders such as various kinds of sizzling cuisine. Their opening last week paved a way for the customers to indulge in their products.

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Every cuisine is exceptional and is undeniably made for the enjoyment of those who get to try it. Being the second branch in Cavite, Funnside Ningnangan does not fail to satisfy.

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When it comes to their specialties, there is truly a lot to look forward to. Their menu does not stop at grilled meals and they give customers the chance to choose their preferences by displaying all of them. May it be raw or cooked, the outcome definitely does not disappoint.

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Aside from that, their accommodating and cozy place adds to the pleasing experience overall. The environment and the gratifying service deserve so much recognition.

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Naturally, entertainment also plays a part in making the food, service, and environment a success. At night, different kinds of audio-visual presentations and films are presented for customers to enjoy.

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There is really nothing more you could ask for. Now, for a closer look, here are some of our favorite items on the menu:

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The Special Crab (Php130 per kg) really lives up to its name, thanks to its presentation, and, of course, the taste. A mix of spice and delectable ingredients is put together in this crowd favorite.

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Funnside Ningnangan’s Shrimp Tempura will exceed anyone’s expectations. For Php200, there is really so much on the plate. Plus, it tastes so much better than you could possibly imagine.

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This special Sinigang Salmon Belly will make you incredibly happy at Php200. Every component of this dish makes it one that you shouldn’t miss!

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Their Liempo is just the surface of their barbecue meals, and it does not disappoint at only Php70.

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Last but definitely not the least is the Garlic Shrimp. The sight and smell along is sure to stimulate your hunger. It is totally worth since it can really fill your belly for Php200.

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Funnside Ningnangan has a lot in store for its customers. Just be prepared for the pleasing experience that they are ready to serve!

Funnside Ningnangan Bacoor

 Lot 4651-B-1-C-2, Molino Boulevard, Bacoor, Cavite