Night Life At Forbes Town: 5 Highly Recommended Gimik Places for You and Your Drinking Buddies

Forbes Town Taguig Megaworld

To those who have been asking me for my recommended “gimik” places in Taguig, here are 5 establishments that I believe will make your night life livelier.


Instead of settling for the usual boring booze and generic fatty old “pulutans,” I highly suggest you let your taste buds run wild a bit, and experience carefully crafted cocktails, paired with delightfully unique dishes.

Tipsy Pig – I’m a big fan of their food, especially their own version of the classic Kare-Kare. Aside from their famous flavoured beers, they also offer a wide array of cocktails to suit even the pickiest palate. If you dig something that’s fresh, try their Pam Julep (Captain Morgan, raspberry syrup, cucumber, basil & mint leaves). Longing for something fruity perhaps? Then go for their Quite a Patty (Captain Morgan, mango cubes, lime juice, basil). These fresh fruity concoctions are best savoured with their deep fried mozzarella sticks that come in 3 lip smackin’ dips.

Forbes Town Taguig Megaworld


Reserve Gastro Tavern – My go to place whenever I need a more cozy intimate venue with my closest amigas. It’s also an ideal place for date nights and times where you just wanna stay up really late and have quality conversations with the people who matter to you. For cocktails, their Reserve Old Fashioned and Chili Fresh will give you just that right amount of much needed “kick.” Spice it up a bit more with a hefty serving of their Kimchi fries.

Forbes Town Taguig Megaworld


Papaloa – Located just in front of The Mind Museum is this newly opened modern Asian meets Tiki Bar resto. Experience a medley of tropical with Asian influences and Japanese urdertones in their carefully crafted menu and inventive cocktails. I swear, you will love everything about this place! You gotta try their katsu and tempura buns that go so well with their signature Woozy Waters Bowl and that highly aromatic Little Grass Skirt cocktail

Forbes Town Taguig Megaworld



Ocean’s Telephone Co. – Just right above Frank & Dean is this not-s0 “secret” hideout that’s fit for those who prefer a rather “exclusive” feel. Here, my friend ordered a glass of Long Island Ice Tea, while I settled for my favorite Amaretto Sour. I was particularly blown away with their Pesto Artichoke Pizza. I adore how they made their pizza dough…it’s one of those things that are done sooo right, you simply couldn’t describe it…. you just know in your heart that it’s damn good.


Forbes Town Taguig Megaworld


Rue Bourbon – This place never runs out of unique ideas… no wonder guests keep pouring in. The happy vibe here is so infectious, that you wouldn’t wanna leave.  Their voodoo-ish Crystal Bowl cocktail will leave you spellbound throughout the night. For Margarita fanatics, their Creole Margarita is a must try! Each of you should order a bag of their Dorito Insano (Doritos with ground meat, jalapenos and cheese)– I swear, it’s highly addicting. I myself, remember ordering 3 bags that night!

Forbes Town Taguig Megaworld


meet our zany bartenders...

meet our zany bunch of bartenders…

How about you? Have you tried any of the places listed above? Which one’s your favorite? Would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers!! See you at Forbes Town.

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