Nice Guy Cab Driver in Manila Restored Our Faith In Humanity: RyoAki Taxi Membership Club

Nice Guy Cab Driver in Manila Restored Our Faith In Humanity: RyoAki Taxi Membership Club 

Just when you thought there were no more nice cab drivers in Manila, or that the taxi industry in the Philippines has gone down the drain…. here’s a very nice story of Kuya Ver, from the RyoAki Taxi Inc:

Written by Edwin Soriano


Taxi Driver Restore Faith in Humanity Cab Manila WhenInManila

I was hailing a cab going to Las Piñas. After three taxi drivers who I refused, I finally got a cab driver who just said “yes” without negotiating for additional payment.

I discovered more great stuff when I struck a conversation with kuya Ver.

1) His taxi company Ryo Aki has a membership card ( see ). Only members can call in to request for pick-up (booking fees apply). You earn points when you book.

2) All their taxis have free wifi.

3) Drivers are required to wear Proper uniform, IDs, post their big ID w Picture on dashboard, wear shoes and socks.

4) Taxis have regular maintenance cycles. Kung change oil na, change oil na talaga.

5) Their taxi meters are intact. Anyone caught tampering the Ryo Aki taxi meter will be fired. (Ver says many drivers of other companies tamper the meter to make-up for high boundaries of P1,700).

6) Ver says Ryo Aki boundary is around P200 lower than most other companies, and P200 lower pa on weekends considering that they have less pasaheros in the weekend. This helps the drivers a whole lot. According to Ver, the owner aims to lower the boundary further so that the drivers can have a bigger take-home.

7) Their company provides all drivers with complete benefits: Philhealth, SSS, Pag-IBIG. And they get accident insurance too!

8) They have a monthly raffle for their employees — the winners receive grocery items delivered to their doorstep!

9) The owners, a Japanese husband and Filipina wife, treat their employees well. They meet employees once a month to discuss both good things and how to improve.

10) If you leave an item in their cab, it is likely to be returned to you.

11) Kuya Ver shared a story about how his wife fainted and was brought to the hospital. He asked for an early off, and the taxi operator allowed. He asked for a loan. The company asked for name of wife and hos

pital, called the hospital to verify. After verifying, the taxi operator asked Ver how much he wanted to advance – Ver asked for P5,000 and it was given to him promptly. Amazing!

Taxi Driver Restore Faith in Humanity WhenInManila

Some tips from Kuya Ver:

a) If a cab has a sign: “driver wanted”, it just means the company has a high turn-over rate. Not a good indicator.

b) tampered meters can be triggered by a push of a button. If meter reading has inconsistent “patak”, it could be a tampered meter.


Kuya Ver says their company doesn’t run out of job applicants. The company is strict with its policies. And has a heart for its employees. And it looks like it pays off. I was surprised at how Ver spoke highly of his taxi company.

Take care of the employees and they will take care of your company and brand.

I share this because I want this company to be even more successful. May your company, owners and employees be blessed! May there be more companies like this!

Do you have experience with Ryo Aki? Or with a similarly run taxi company? Do share!


Written by Edwin Soriano

Ryo Aki Taxi Group


Start spreading your own #KindnessEpidemic .


Nice Guy Cab Driver in Manila Restored Our Faith In Humanity: RyoAki Taxi Membership Club

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