NEWS: Robredo Asks Duterte to be “more careful of his words”

On June 30th 2016, we will officially welcome the 16th President of the Philippines, along with a new Vice President, Leni Robredo.

Leni Robredo

The widow of former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo was proclaimed winner on Jesse’s 58th birthday.

Even though it was tough during the campaign season, Robredo and Duterte prevailed over their respective competitors.

Interestingly, people already thought that they could be a great tandem as Duterte is known for being strict and straightforward while Robredo, on the other hand, is also firm yet handles issues with care.

Such is the news reported by the when Robredo asks Duterte to “watch his language.”

leni duterte tandem

Disclaimer: we do not own this amazing art. It has been shared across social media. Photo credit to JP Penol/Phoebe Baula 

According to the news, the VP-elect gently reminded President-elect, Rodrigo Duterte to be more careful with his language, especially addressing his provocative remarks on journalists’ murders and his behavior towards women.

As quoted in the article, Leni mentioned that she will continue to be vigilant “to avoid raising any unnecessary concern, particularly over issues as sensitive as the murder of journalists and the treatment of women in our society.”

On the other hand, Leni expressed her steadfast support for Duterte administration. According to Leni, her support includes the following:

  • support with the other members of his team
  • other perspectives on various issues to broaden his view
  • afford him the breadth of vision that is so essential to the leader of our nation

Ultimately, Robredo has always been vocal about gender equality and prevailing human rights.

What are your thoughts about them being a good tandem?