New York’s Award-Winning Restaurant Mighty Quinn’s Serves KILLER Barbeque and REALLY GOOD Pork Belly

Article by Christian Chagas / Photos by Franchesca Nicole Collantes

Mighty Quinn’s, the award-winning slow-cooked barbeque joint from New York, has finally made its way to Manila, bringing in unique and interesting takes on meat. The meats they use for most of their dishes are actually imported from the US, maintaining their New York roots.

Might Quinn’s doesn’t just bring itself to Manila through their meat, but also bring through their rustic and wooden interiors familiar to a laid-back New York barbeque bistro.

Known for their hefty food portions, the Mighty Quinn’s team has also decided to offer new food items to attract the Pinoy palate (we are huge meat lovers, no?).

The restaurant released their new lineup of dishes last November 9, consisting of new dishes that will surely tempt you to come back to the humble joint again and again and again.

Before we got to taste their new dishes, our team tried a bunch of bestsellers from their menu:

Sweet Corn Fritters (Php165/Small, Php325/Medium, Php645/Large)

This dessert-like fried creation is a unique take on sides for meat. It provides the perfect balance for the savory dishes on the menu. It’s served with sweet sauce with chili flakes.

Sweet BBQ Chicken Wings (Php325/6 wings)

Another must-try on the menu, these deep-fried wings are a perfect treat for the tongue.

Now, here are Mighty Quinn’s newest innovations:

Pork Belly Platter (Php1,480/1/2 pound)

Indeed a show-stopper as we saw this generous platter make its way towards our table. The meat is sliced as if it were butter. The char is also the perfect barbeque char for the cured pork, which is cooked for 13-16 hours. Yes, it is astoundingly well-prepared!

Mighty Quinn’s Rice Bowls: Burnt Ends, Pork Belly, and Brisket (Php350 for Burnt Ends and Pork Belly, Php385 for Brisket)

All rice bowls come with veggies, an egg, and slaw. If you want kanin with their delectable meat, get their rice bowls. They also provide their own version of pinakurat (spiced vinegar) that really goes well with the meat.

Burgers: Pulled Pork (Php250), Burnt Ends (Php280), and Brisket (Php300)

Mighty Quinn’s decided to give their own take on the universal comfort food: burgers. The Pulled Pork is as soft as butter and gives an interesting texture to the burger. Its sweet and salty blend pays homage to the classic American burger.

Meanwhile, the Burnt Ends burger is the perfect choice for foodies who aren’t fond of fat. The burnt ends are actually the lean parts of the cooked meat—this is the preferred option for customers who are trying to stay away from calories from fat, while still enjoying the exquisite taste of barbecue.

Last but not least, the Brisket literally melts in your mouth. Beef lovers will definitely appreciate how the brisket is perfectly cooked – another must-try.

S’mores Bread Pudding (Php195)

An addition to their dessert option (they only had banana bread pudding before), the S’mores Bread Pudding is a sure hit for kids and adults who love sweet treats. A bite of sweet, crunchy, and soft textures instantly complement each other when you bite into this lovely dessert.

Lemonade (Php110)

Mighty Quinn’s offers unlimited/refillable drinks. They only used to serve two variants of Housemade Iced Tea (lemon and lychee for Php110), but they figured that a sweet and sour option would be a perfect fit for their food items. It’s refillable, so sulit na sulit.

To try out these soon-to-be favorites, head on to the third floor of Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall, and enjoy great meat choices with your friends and family!

Mighty Quinn’s

Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong


Twitter / Instagram: @mightyquinnsph


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