WATCH: A New Teaser Trailer is Out For “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”

Netflix has released the main poster for ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North‘, a special episode of the ‘Kingdom’ series, and we are so excited!!! The special episode will veer away from the main storyline of ‘Kingdom’ as we know it so far, and revolve around the backstory of Ashin and the origins of the resurrection plant that triggered the avalanche of tragic events that swept through Joseon.

We’ve already seen teaser posters of the episode before with Ashin’s back turned. In the new poster, however, Ashin finally reveals her face. Grasping her bow, she looks confident and charismatic.

Kingdom Ashin of the North 2

We don’t just get a new poster, either. A new teaser trailer has also been released – and it is action-packed! A tiger attacks people in the forest. We see a young Ashin talking about the resurrection plant and eventually searching for it. And then we hear her wishing for people to shed tears of blood – a foreshadowing of an exciting tale of vengeance. Watch the teaser trailer here:

‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’ unveils the mystery of Ashin and the origins of the resurrection plant on July 23rd – only on Netflix.

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