New Short Film Showing Happy-Sad Christmas Hits A Little Too Close to Home

It’s rare, but every now and then, there comes one commercial that makes you stop and say “parang may naaalala ako.

Such is the case for many people after watching Alaska’s recently-released short film, First Christmas. Told from the point of view of “Baby”, a young woman who narrates different milestones that their family has experienced coinciding with Christmases past, the commercial tackles a difficult but unavoidable situation that many can relate to—celebrating the first Christmas after the passing away of someone close to you

During this time of the year, the wound from losing someone important always gets reopened, and the void they left behind seems to become more apparent. So much so that the grief becomes almost too unbearable—stifling even.

Just how do make yourself revel in the spirit of the happiest time of the year while grief-stricken?

Watch the whole clip below and see how Baby’s family did it:

We at WIM, can’t help praise Alaska for going beyond painting picture-perfect scenes of happy families and couples celebrating Christmas.

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And if you’re asking, yes, a lot of us at WIM can relate to the said short film. In fact, upon seeing it, we all can’t help but ask with teary eyes, “Isn’t this a bit too real?” Especially that part at the end where the family willed themselves to enjoy their get-together and then the main character says, “This is our first Christmasna wala na si Mamang pero ramdam pa rin namin ang sarap ng pagmamahal niya.

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Of course that line probably connotes how the usage of Alaska, a favorite brand for cooking sumptuous feasts by Filipino moms, allows one to recreate family favorites that bring to mind some of the fondest holiday memories . But for us, it’s more than that. Those words reflect true emotions that one can only utter when the profound kind of holiday blues start to hit, and you’re left with nothing else to hold on to, but the thought that a departed loved one will not want to see you wallowing in grief especially during the holidays.

How about you? What did you think of Alaska’s holiday short film? Share it with us in the comments section.