Netizens reminisce memories of the Luzon Earthquake on its 28th anniversary

It’s been 28 years since it happened.

Netizens and members of the Memories of Old Manila Facebook page couldn’t help but reminisce what happened when the Luzon Earthquake took place on this day in 1990. 

Screen Shot 2018 07 16 at 12.38.38 AM

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According to, it is ranked as the second strongest recorded earthquake that greatly affected the Philippines, with a magnitude of 7.8. Areas in Northern and Central Luzon were highly affected. reports that over a thousand people were killed and Baguio City “suffered the most devastating effects”. The same publication said that the epicenter was located North of Manila, located at the Nueva Ecija province. Reports revealed that the shaking went on for nearly a full minute at around 4:26 pm.

Here are some photos of the aftermath, shot by Art Tibaldo.


Art Tibalado Art Tibaldo 2 Art Tibaldo 3 Art Tibaldo 4 Art Tibaldo 5 Art Tibaldo 6 Art Tibaldo Art Tibaldon

These, on the other hand, are photos from the upload of Jessie Joe Punzalan Santos on Facebook.

 Jessie Joe Punzalan Santos 1 Jessie Joe Punzalan Santos 2 Jessie Joe Punzalan Santos 3 Jessie Joe Punzalan Santos 4 Jessie Joe Punzalan Santos 5
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