Netflix Officially Announces “Squid Game” Season 2

Last year, Director Hwang Dong-hyuk had already talked about Squid Game Season 2 in an interview but somehow, it brings about so much more excitement when the news comes straight from Netflix themselves – don’t you agree? Well, we’ve finally got what we needed! At exactly midnight, Netflix announced that the games will definitely continue in a second season soon.

Squid Game 2 teaser poster e1655079553613

Poster from Netflix

They also shared an exclusive letter from Director Hwang himself where he talks about how it took the first season 12 years to bring to life but only 12 days for it to become the most popular Netflix series ever. He also thanks the fans for loving the show and mentions that Gi-hun and The Front Man (and possibly the man in the suit with ddakji) will be returning in Season 2. Apparently, we will also be introduced to Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-su! Read the full letter here:

Squid Game 2 letter Director Hwang Dong hyuk e1655079680816

Letter from Netflix

Who’s excited for a new round?

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