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When traveling anywhere in the world, there are two main ways to go about your vacation: First is for you to do all the planning yourself. This of course could either be a great success or be an absolute fail as you are pretty much relying on opinions you’ve read somewhere or heard from friends, but you’re pretty much not too sure about how fun it’ll be or how it would fit in with your personality. The Second way to go about a trip is to go through a travel agency. This way, the experts and locals can really meet you and tailor a trip that would fit in perfectly with you, while making sure you fully experience your adventure and get stories that’ll last a lifetime. I actually recommend going somewhere in between, where you plan a few activities, but still bounce it off a travel agent.


When In Nepal, I do recommend booking your hotels with (for other countries in Asia, like Japan, I use, then also talking with our friends from Himalayan Encounters: Travel Agency for your adventure and touring needs.



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Here’s a short list of the cool things Himalayan Encounters set up for us in Nepal:


Seeing a  Buddha Stupa

Krishnarpan Restaurant


Seeing Pashpatinath Temple

Devi’s Falls


International Mountain Museum


Street Food

Street Shopping

Seeing various preserved temples


Ando so much more!


But, what I’m also excited about is hearing about the other cool adventures that Himalayan Encounters Travel Agency can set up for you!



Krishnarpan Restaurant in Kathmandu Nepal for Authentic Nepalese Food WhenInNepal WhenInManila 64



While in Nepal, we stayed in the capital of Kathmandu, but also took a 25 minute flight to Pohkara, a quiet little lake side town that’s a heavy tourist attraction. It’s there that we tried a lot of the fun adventures from Himalayan Encounters like the Paragliding and more. (More stories about Pokhara soon)






From Pohkara, we instead drove back to Kathmandu, which would usually take around 5 hours, except we took a few stopovers.






1st stop was to see the mountain town know as Bandipur. You’ll really get that old town feel here and it’s a place for lots of relaxing and lots of beautiful mountain views. We do recommend staying at the most popular hotel there, the Bandipur Old Inn.





Bandipur 114



2nd stop was to see their White Water Rafting Camp by the Trisuli River. Not only was this another amazing sight, but the adrenalin that rushed through my veins just smelling the river and hearing their stories definitely made me want to go back! Oh and I also really admire how eco friendly Himalayan Encounters Travel Agency is. At their Trisuli River camp, they had build eco friend bathrooms that recycle both the methane gas and the waste for the environment. The community they built there was also something to note, they created jobs, homes and futures for many of the people there as the area was nothing more than barren lands before they set up their green eco friendly white water rafting camps.



Trisuli River 009


Trisuli River 062


Trisuli River 063


Trisuli River 113



Our Nepal Travel Agency, Himalayan Encounters, also booked us a morning flight around Mt Everest so that we could see the highest point on Earth. It was just kinda sad that the weather was bad and they had low visibility, so our flight got cancelled and we were already flying out that afternoon. We were really excited about that. I guess it’s one more reason to go back to Nepal.



mt everest



Other things mentioned by our friends from Himalayan Encounters Travel Agents are their biking trips, Mt Everest trekking tours, mountain hikes, ancient city visits and so much more! They definitely gave us a lot of reasons to go back!


What’s even cooler for our readers is that Himalayan Encounters is very excited to host more Filipino tourists. We sadly did not see any other Filipinos there and many Nepalese people did say that they do not get a lot of visitors from the Philippines.

So do mention that you read about Nepal and Himalayan Encounters Travel Agency from and they will definitely hook you up with great prices!




The guard dog we named “Teeth” at the Himalayan Encounters Pohkara office and on the right is the face he gave us when on our last day when we said we were leaving.




Speaking of prices, one more reason for Filipinos to visit Nepal is that our Philippine Peso actually converts to twice as much in Nepales Currency. 1 Philippine Peso = 2 Nepalese Rupees. So this really was a wonderful thing as we were ordering YUMMY steaks and other foods for pretty much half the price. Steak below was at 600 Rupees, so it was JUST Php300!!!!






Just be sure to check out the requirements for visiting Nepal and getting your Nepalese Visas upon landing in this link –






When In Manila, plan a trip to Nepal and have a vibrantly colorful, spiritually rejuvenating and thrill-seekingly adventurous time! Oh and we do recommend booking your hotels with as they had the best prices and accommodations we could find.


When In Nepal, be sure to contact Himalayan Encounters Travel Agency to make the most of your visit to Nepal and have the best Nepalese adventure ever!


Thanks again to Himalayan Encounters!



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Nepal Tour and Road Trip with Himalayan Encounters Adventure Travel Agency