Nepal VISA Requirements: What to Bring When In Nepal



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Nepal VISA Requirements: What to Bring When In Nepal



When In Manila, or anywhere in the world, a visit to Nepal should definitely be on your bucket list! This place boasts WORLD REKNOWN destinations such as Mt Everest, the Himalayas and many more!


In fact here’s a list of the few things we absolutely enjoyed from our visit to Nepal.


(More posts coming soon)


But, before you board that plane to Nepal, here are the few things you need to bring.


From the moment you get off the plane, you’ll be asked for certain requirements to process your on the spot visa as needed by everyone.


To get a 15 Day Nepalese Visa upon arrival you’ll need:


1. Passport


2. Copy of Passport


3. Two Extra Passport IDs


4. Visa application fee of $25 US Dollars (NOTE: They do not accept their local Nepalese Rupee for this. They only accept a few currencies, including the US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and a few other major currencies that I can’t remember nor can I find online) Best to have the $25 US Dollars per person prepared before leaving your country.



Other than that, anything else you need to bring would depend on your itinerary but we do recommend you bring hiking shoes as some of the most beautiful things to see in Nepal require a bit of a hike.


Check out our other current and upcoming posts on the fun adventures we had When In Nepal!  From paragliding, to seeing Mt Everest, to White Water Rafting and more! 



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Have fun! Namaste.




Nepal VISA Requirements: What to Bring When In Nepal

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