Near-Infrared Sauna: What is It and What are the Benefits of It?

This week marks my 50th Near Infrared Sauna Session with Reshape Life Wellness Center here in Butuan City over the course of six months and I am writing this review because of the changes I have seen and felt in my body. Since this is also something that is very new to our country, I wanted to share how it has been working for me and of course, how you can benefit from using the Near-Infrared Sauna yourself. Hopefully, by sharing the lowdown with you guys; you will someday consider using the sauna as part of your weekly health routine, as well.

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I first want to backtrack to late last year when I met with someone who had a certain glow about her that I couldn’t put my finger on. She looked so healthy, happy, flawless, and just absolutely radiant. After the meeting, I had to tell her about my observation, and it was then that she shared how she had been doing Near Infrared Sauna Sessions with Reshape Life for a few months, and how she thought it had a huge impact on her overall health and wellbeing.


I really wanted to know more about it since I had never heard of Near Infrared Sauna before. I was later on introduced to Coach Cookie Laguda, the owner of Reshape Life Wellness Center and the one who brought this technology (or health modality, as Coach Cookie calls it) to the country. This is the first the Philippines has ever seen, and I could not believe that it was right in my very own city!

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The Near-Infrared Sauna has many benefits. The regular steam sauna that we’re used to seeing and using in spas, hotels, and gyms are almost always rich in moisture and heat. Now, while that’s a good thing, the major difference is that Near-Infrared Saunas are unique with their low humidity and high air temperature.6 5d2d68dee8e7e

The sauna works by using near-infrared light to heat the body instead of just heating the space around it.

What that basically means is that in saunas, you know you’re sweating in a mix of steam. With Near-Infrared Saunas, you start out in a really dry box and your sweat comes out of your body because of the heat that the near-infrared lights emit.

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A near-infrared sauna has a LOT of health benefits, but let’s not drown you with too much information. Instead, I narrowed down these benefits to five of which I feel have had a huge impact on my overall health.


Sweating is our body’s most natural way to heal. Getting rid of toxins through our skin via sweating helps prevent future illnesses and increases our overall health and vitality. Detoxification is good because it gets rid of the toxins that we get from the unhealthy and processed food that we consume on a daily basis. So, if we can’t exercise daily and we still eat unhealthy food everyday, this is one way you can make sure your body is still able to go on detoxification mode.

Fat and Cellulite Reduction

I have been doing my near-infrared sessions at least twice a week to complement my cycling sessions. Within the last six months, I’ve seen my waistline, my wrists, and my thighs get smaller. I lost about two inches off my waistline and my thighs are noticeably smaller. I have also lost more than 15 pounds since I started doing my sessions with them. I strongly feel like exercise and Near-Infrared Saunas go really well together.

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Stress Relief

Near-Infrared Saunas are very health-focused, so it is no surprise that stress relief is one of its main health benefits. In this day and age where we’re constantly wired and connected, stress just seems to follow naturally. This is exactly where Near Infrared Saunas come in to the rescue. I already think that simply sitting alone inside the Near-Infrared Sauna for 30 minutes already helps quiet the mind. Apart from that, however, scientific studies have shown that using a near-infrared sauna helps the body maintain healthy levels of cortisol, which allows our bodies to respond to stress better.

Muscle Recovery

I’ve already mentioned that I bike as a form of exercise. I particularly enjoy uphill climbs. As much as I enjoy doing them a great deal, though, they also tend to leave me with some muscle pains, especially on my calves and my upper leg muscles. Just sitting inside the Near Infrared Sauna unfurls even the most stubborn and painful muscles that I get from cycling. The improved circulation from the near-infrared sauna brings quick muscle recovery, reduced inflammation, decreased pain, and quicker body recovery. So, even if I choose to bike more than twice a week, I will be able to do so without risking more muscle and body pains.

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Skin Purification

Everyday stress, exposure to pollutants, a busy lifestyle – these have all allowed for havoc to wreak on our skin – on my skin, to be more specific. Notably, one of the most visible effects of my Near Infrared Sauna sessions is the effect that they have had on my skin. It’s been so nice to hear people comment on my skin just like the time I noticed my friend’s skin was glowing and radiant. I am the type of person who absolutely loves putting on makeup. I love the sense of creativity that it gives me. However, since seeing how the Near Infrared Sauna sessions have improved my skin a great deal, I feel like wearing less and less makeup just so I can appreciate my skin even more. It has also made my everyday skincare routine much simpler. I’ve been able to do away with creams that I used to use for my daily routine. I will admit here that Coach Cookie’s skin, as well as my friends’, have served as a huge encouragement to me to go and do these sessions regularly.

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As weeks and months went by, I noticed more and more of these positive changes in my overall health and I have been benefitting a lot from them, too. I have become more productive in the workplace. I seem to have more energy than most. And well, I just feel much better overall.

These Near Infrared Sauna Sessions are now part of my weekly routine – so much so that when I have to travel, I just absolutely miss it. If I’m being honest, I really see myself doing this for years down the line. Why look for other health modalities when this has done and continues to do so much for me and my body?

Coach Cookie is set to roll out more Near Infrared Saunas from Reshape Life Wellness Center throughout the country. When you see this in your city, trust me: go ahead, give it a go, and let it knock your socks off. Give it time, too. Do it for a few months and I am confident that you’ll see the difference in your overall health.