NCT Dream, NOIR, and April share messages for Pinoy fans

This year’s K-pop Friendship Concert in Manila brought together 3,000 K-pop fans to witness performances from South Korean groups as well as local band Silent Sanctuary.

During the cultural event’s press conference, the three K-pop groups namely NCT Dream, Noir, and April gave messages for their Filipino fans and revealed their future plans.


NCT Dream is the third sub-unit of South Korean boy group NCT under SM Entertainment

Dancer and rapper Jeno said, “First of all, we’re really thankful and honoured to be participate in K-pop Friendship Concert in Manila.”

He added, “Recently, we’ve performed cute and youthful images but now we want to show a sexier side.”

Jaemin revealed he’s looking forward to meeting pretty Filipina fans. “It’s our first time to visit Philippines, we visited a restaurant, I think Filipinos are so friendly and provide good service. We’re so excited to meet pretty Filipina fans.”


Rookie boy group Noir is celebrating their first anniversary this April 2019. The boys were grateful to participate in the KFCM this early in their careers.

Main vocalist Siha said, “This event is an honor for us because we debuted less than a year ago.”

Maknae Daewon shared they’re really excited to meet their Pinoy fans. “We really wanted to visit Manila to see our fans, thank you so much for this honourable event, we love our fans so much. Mahal kita!”

Main dancer Hoyeon said fans can look forward to a more powerful Noir in the future. “We want to try a more powerful and sexy concept.”


The charming girls of April debuted in 2015 under DSP Media.  The 6-member won in K-pop Artist Award for Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards 2018.

Yena narrated the group’s future plans. “We want to have more acting experience and to guest in variety shows.”

Lead rapper Rachel said they want to be closer to their Pinoy fans. “Even if it’s our first time here, I hope we can get closer to our fans and we’ll try to visit our fans more.”

The concert was hosted by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Korean Cultural Center (KCC). The commemoratory concert marks the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between South Korea and the Philippines.

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