NBA: Look At How LeBron James Showed His Frustration On The Cavs’ Sleeved Jersey.

King James is not happy with the Cavaliers’ sleeved jersey.

During the Cavaliers’ match against the New York Knicks last Wednesday, LeBron made sure that the shirt-like jersey didn’t throw his game off again like what it did two seasons back, where the Cavs lost to the San Antonio Spurs while wearing a similar jersey.

The Cavaliers went four straight wins after beating the Knicks by 10 points, 96-86, on Wednesday.

LeBron scored 23 ponts, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 steals.

Check out what he did to his sleeved jersey in the middle of Wednesday’s match:

LeBron (3)

LeBron (2)


LeBron (1)

Should the Cavs stop wearing the sleeved jerseys? What do you think?