Natural Makeup Is THE Beauty Trend This 2018 According To This Professional Makeup Artist

Words by Danielle Castillo

If you’ve never been the type of person to put on makeup just because it’s something you don’t personally find comfortable, welcome to the natural beauty club! Fortunately for us, it seems like our club is going to get a lot more members as people are now gravitating towards donning a (semi) bare face.

It’s been 6 years since Anne Pascual started her career as a makeup artist here in the Philippines. During those years, she managed to rack up quite the stunning portfolio (which you can check out in her IG @annepascual25). From commercials and corporate shoots to magazines and intimate events, Anne’s done them all. So when she says that heavy full-coverage make-up is no longer IN this 2018, you better believe her. 

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Gusto ko kasi ay yung totoo, na parang you look natural lang […] talagang ikaw (I want something real, that this is how you look naturally […] it’s really you),” Anne expresses. People are tired of looking like somebody else, especially now when we are promoting self-love more than ever. She adds that this is why K-Beauty is so popular. The beauty trend this 2018 is truly all about enhancing not transforming–simple, yet beautiful.

Anne even voices out that, when the makeup is done so thick, instead of looking like an improved version of yourself when you face the mirror, you can barely recognize the reflection you see. While it’s great that people are showing their creative sides through makeup, appreciating the face your momma gave you is pretty important too.

So, why natural makeup?

Well, it helps you gain confidence in your natural facial features. It’s time to step up and be proud of who we are. No more hiding underneath full-coverage concealers and foundation to hide our beauty marks or skin tones. Filipino qualities like brown skin, flat noses, and frizzy hair have become something people are embarrassed to have and Anne wants to change that through her makeup. Especially the idea that we have to whiten ourselves to be beautiful.

Beauty, she says, cannot be defined by something as shallow as skin color. “Maganda ka kung maganda ka. Ang rami ko na ngang namake-upan na magagandang morena. Ang racist naman nung ideya na pwede ka lang maging confident sa kagandahan mo kapag maputi ka, diba? (You’re beautiful if you’re beautiful. I’ve done makeup on a lot of beautiful morenas. The idea that you can only be confident in your beauty when you’re white–isn’t that a bit racist?)” 

You’re beautiful just the way you are–from your natural bushy eyebrows (or non-existent brows) to your moles. In natural makeup, you don’t need to hide anything at all.

Also, it brings out the happiness in you. Natural makeup looks more carefree and peaceful compared to other makeup looks. You can smile more easily and beautifully. When the natural look brings out your best features, you can bet your momma’s purse that your smile will be one of the things it can pull out with ease too.

This is supported by Anne when she says: “Actually, the best part talaga ‘pag nagmamake-up ako ay kapag natuwa yung client ko sa nakita nya. ‘Yung ngiti na ‘yun, hindi mo talaga matutumbasan ng kahit na ano. (Actually, the best part of doing makeup is when my clients like what they see. Their smiles–you can’t compare that with anything.)

If you’re the type of person who’s uncomfortable with makeup, this might be your chance to try out something that’s not too far from your comfort zone.

Anne Pascual

0915 321 4745

Facebook: makeupbyannepascual

IG: @annepascual25


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