NAIL Boutique: Luxury Pampering for your busy Manila Lifestyle

When In Manila as you lead a busy life, you deserve some pampering once in a while. Luxury pampering with reasonable pricings and soothing surroundings are all yours at NAIL Boutique.  Their company’s goal is spot-on:  To ensure every customer who passes through the doors of their nail salon walks in and out comfortable and armed with full confidence.


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NAIL Boutique is a quaint but surprisingly chic nail salon located right at the heart of the Phil. Heart Centre in Quezon City. Just look for these 2 distinct establishments (so you won’t get lost) when you’re in the area: The Sulo Hotel, next comes Shakey’s and there’s your lucky find, NAIL Boutique. This is a nail spa & salon born out of love for vanity from four female entrepreneurs. Ms. Desiree Morales, as one of the co-owners was a charming host and she allowed me to experience the luxury of pampering they claim to offer without burning a hole in my pocket. She recommended for me to try their signature treatment called The Luxury hand/foot spa on my visit. She was professional to deal with, even called my appointment with the salon as our ‘date. Sweet. She was there throughout the treatment session, checking on everything and making sure everything is smooth sailing. I wish all owners are like her, very hands-on.


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Service. Staff. Surroundings.


In Nail Boutique, you’d ask yourself which one would you prefer- quality vs. quantity? Nail Boutique currently offers ORLY, MISA and  Kleancolor polishes. I do not need to elaborate much on ORLY as it is already a staple with most nail salons. How ‘bout MISA? MISA Nail Polish is highly recommended for pregnant women. They’re free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP (a petroleum product that has been proven to pass through breast milk).  Lastly, this is where I’ve found out about Kleancolor.  Desiree mentioned to me that Kleancolor is one of Kris Aquino’s top fashion picks with regards to her nail care. Well, another product vouched by the Queen of All Media & Endorsements… something to pique my interest again.



kleancolor phils

 kleancolor phils1


They may have limited selections with the brands of their nail polish shades but I think what matters most is that as a customer I was given a brief background on each of the products that they actually use. Something that helps a customer to decide easily. Simplifying and basically starting fresh, they have  launched a few new products/services namely, Kleancolor Cracked Nails, Nail Art Stickers & Eyelash Extensions (human hair extensions only).



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 NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila039NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila


Nail Boutique is whimsical and funky, but when it comes to the nails, they mean serious business. The amiable greeting and the soft pastel pink walls has you relaxing even before your toes touch the warm and bubbly water of their spa chair. Purple, grey, stripes- who would think they’d go well together? The temptuous plush chairs and colourful vintage decors gave a more defined look to it. They’ll keep you off your toes with options ranging from the regular mani/pedi to the ultimate spa treatment. If toes are not your primary concern and your focus is on your nails, Nail Care & Spa offers high-quality nail care, cuticle maintenance and massage to accommodate every need you may have.

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Moisture wrap, Moisturizing Massage, Callus Removal, Hand & Foot scrub = The Luxury Treatment.  Staffs were pleasant, make eye contact and always ask for the particulars. How I wanted my nails trimmed, cuticles to be touched or not and the nitty gritty of basically how I want my nails to be cared for.


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Like a candy store where sugary temptations tease from every corner, Nail Boutique’s Kleancolor shades are difficult to resist. One of their senior staff, Gemma makes it uncomplicated for customers. She can tell in an instant which colours suits you best and she knows every shade by heart, impressive.  Kleancolor quality on the other hand is spot-on. Opacity in one coat, smooth application and with trend-setting colours to choose from.



I once again settled for my stick-with-red-shades comfort zone but they managed to convince me to try their Cracked Nail Polish. I am not a fan of it you see, but seeing the results changed my mind in an instant. They have taken utmost care in applying this as I have found out that they’ve did their homework on how to apply and achieve those so-called perfect cracks. Knowing myself as very scrutinizing, I witnessed before my eyes on how the temperature’s surroundings, method and amount of application can actually be major factors in achieving those cracks according to your preference.

nailboutique wheninmanila 4

nailboutique cracked nails


Ever wondered why they named it Nail Boutique?  They sell RTW (from Bangkok) clothes, cute pairs of shoes like rubi (from Singapore), and Graftobian Cosmetics. Do you know that NAIL Boutique has this special promo for FREE (yes, FREE!) manicure to their patrons on his/her very birthday? This is not a treat that you get just elsewhere, that’s just how they value they clients.


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NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila135NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila

NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila125NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila


Despite the feminine atmosphere, Nail Boutique makes sure not to forget the men with their Just for Kings service to keep your man looking foxy from head to toe. If you’re carrying tykes around, they also have The Lil Lounger treatment, serves as a bonding session for both mom and daughter.


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Complimentary drinks are also offered here, along with the common sight of magazines and the like. However they might consider installing a TV screen somewhere as magazines to some might be unappealing.  On a serious note, do you know how boring waiting for your nails to dry can get? I myself do not want to touch anything while waiting for my nails to dry, so a TV would be the next best alternative isn’t it? There is that soothing collection of classical songs being played that can lull you to sleep though.  Got to get your good schmooze in their comfy couches! The soothing atmosphere and the inviting staff make NAIL Boutique a truly unique find right in the heart of beautiful Quezon City.


nailboutique wheninmanila 5nailboutique wheninmanila


Nail salons with exquisite service and pricing can be really hard to find When In Manila, but remember that you should never lower your standards for the sake of convenience. Head on over to NAIL Boutique for that No Rush No Fuss Service you’ve always wanted.


NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila003NailBoutique salon nailsalon nails wheninmanila 

NAIL Boutique

 “Your affordable luxury to pampering.”

Open from 10AM- 10PM Mondays- Sundays

TEL # 664- 8004

34 F. Matalino St. Diliman, Quezon City